Terms and Conditions

  With the aim of keeping everyone smiling and ensuring a perfect ceremony, I ask that you read the following to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

Please ask if any of the following is unclear and you would like clarification ūüėČ The spirit of Simple Ceremonies, is to offer a simple option to getting married. It removes a lot of the fuss and expense of a traditional wedding ceremony - whilst maintaining the essence - beauty and sincerity.

A Simple Ceremony is not for everyone.

Please ensure that you are clear on the sort of service you will receive before you make your booking. A Simple Ceremony, as it's name suggests, is simple in nature. You will be provided with the highest level of service, within this frame-work. Simple Ceremonies does not offer a cheap service. Although our pricing is significantly less than many celebrants and the Registry Office, it is because we have cut out the "fuss". Now, this is not for everyone. If you are looking for a big wedding on the cheap, Simple Ceremonies is not for you. You may want to consider my other service - Sydney Marriage Celebrant


A. Full payment is required at time of booking.

At the time of booking the full fee is required. This needs to be paid by credit card

B. Non-refundable fee

Once you have confirmed a booking by paying the fee, this fee is non-refundable.

C. Re-Scheduling fee of $85. 

In some circumstances, you may be able to change the location, date or time of your booking, with the payment of a re-scheduling fee of $85. The following conditions must apply to be able to make a change;

  • you provide at least one calendar month and two days notice
  • you have not changed the date or time of your ceremony more than twice previously
  • the new date and time of your ceremony is not more than 12 months on from your original booking date
  • your original booking was not a "Special" offer (this relates to bookings made using a discounted offer)

In addition to the Re-scheduling fee of $85, there may be an additional charge reflecting any changes that have occurred to the scheduled fee, since your original booking. To change your location, date or time of a ceremony you will need to email me and I will then need to confirm, by email, that this new location, date and time are available. You will then be asked to pay the Re-scheduling fee plus any additional fee relating to a change in the scheduled fees before the details of your new ceremony are confirmed.

D. Online.

All advertised fees are based on all bookings being made online and the Notice of Intended Marriage form being completed online, through our website and emailed to us.

You are responsible for entering your details and ensuring they are 100% correct (and when applicable, EXACTLY agree with the ID you will be using on the day of your ceremony).

ANY amendments  that need to be made to the Notice of Intended Marriage, after you have Submitted the form (clicked on the "SUBMIT" button on our website) for preparation, will incur an administration fee of $50.

Non-online bookings (Eg phone bookings) incur an additional fee of $50.

Notice of Intended Marriage forms not completed through our online system will incur an administration fee of $50.


E. The paperwork There is certain documentation that is required, by law, to get married. It is your responsibility to provide this in the prescribed manner.

These include;

a) Notice of Intended Marriage

  • This needs to be completed at least 1 calendar month prior to the ceremony date. It is the couple getting married responsibility to ensure the form is completed, signed, witnessed by an Authorised Person and provided to Simple Ceremonies at least one calendar month prior to the booked ceremony date. If you do not do this at least one calendar month prior to the ceremony date (and you still wish to get married) you have two options;
  • i) you must apply to have a shortening of time so you can still get married on the same date or
  • ii) rebook and pay in full for another later date.

The Notice of Intended Marriage needs to be typed into simpleceremonies.com.au website. Handwritten forms and those not prepared on this website will be accepted, but you will be required to also type your details into the simpleceremonies.com.au website.

ANY amendments  that need to be made to the Notice of Intended Marriage, after you have Submitted the form (clicked on the "SUBMIT" button on our website) for preparation, will incur an administration fee of $50.

b) Identification

  • On the day of your ceremony, you will need to provide identification. There are only two options;

i) a passport - this can be of any nationality and can also be expired OR ii) original Birth Certificate AND official Australian photo ID eg a Drivers License or Proof of Age card.

If using other than these, please provide prior to the day of your ceremony to confirm they are acceptable. All documents not in English must be accompanied by an original NAATI Certified translation.

c) Previously Married

  • If you have been previously married you will be required to provide original divorce paper or death certificate. All documents not in English must be accompanied by an original NAATI Certified translation.

NB. If you do not provide the required paperwork or documentation (listed above) prior to your ceremony,  we will be unable to marry you.

If as a result, you then need to reschedule your ceremony, you will need to pay the full booking fee again.

d) Require a letter If a letter from a celebrant is required, such as for immigration, the first letter is included in your booking or voucher fee.  Simply make a request, with all details via email. Additional letters required to confirm changes to the proposed date or corrections need to be made to the letter (due to no fault of Simple Ceremonies) an additional fee of $50 will apply per original letter or update.


F. Rehearsal

If you feel you would like to have a rehearsal, we will be happy to facilitate this for you. There will be an additional charge of $150 for this service.

E. Late arrival.

If you have not arrived within 10 minutes of the start of your ceremony time, we will need to reschedule your ceremony. You will need to rebook at the additional full fee for your ceremony. If the celebrant is able to delay their departure or return at a later time that day, they will, however the full fee will need to be paid again in full. When planning your ceremony please keep in mind that the celebrant will need to leave no later than 30 minutes after your booked start time. Please ensure you and your guests are ready to commence at the time you have booked your ceremony.

F. Number of guests.

Each location has a set number of guests that can attend. This must be adhered to. If the numbers exceed this we reserve the right not to proceed with your ceremony.

G. Code of Conduct

If you have been unhappy with the service provided to you by Simple Ceremonies, please contact Michael directly, as we would like to resolve your issues. However, if this is not to your satisfaction you can make a formal complaint below. If you would like to make a formal complaint you can click through to the Attorney Generals website here