ow did Michael become a marriage celebrant?

I've been an authorised Marriage Celebrant since 2004 - really I have - click here and I'll prove it 😉

I've always wanted to be a Marriage Celebrant, since the age of 5. 

OK, well, that is not exactly the case 😉

The truth is, I'd never thought about being a marriage celebrant until a friend asked me to "marry" her - and her boyfriend. 

So that is how I became a Marriage Celebrant - marrying friends.

And that is what's all about.

I could tell you I'm passionate about marriage or love or couples walking down an isle... but... if the truth is known - I love hanging out with happy people - which is why I love being a Marriage Celebrant.



hat has he done?

I've done my time (and loved it) marrying movie stars, politicians, colourful racing identities, nude people, the "rich and famous". I've  stood in front of a 1,000 people, performed ceremonies at the Sydney Opera House, on top of  Sydney Harbour Bride (Sh#t I was scared), and even at Eastern Creek Race track (quickly between super bike heats), mansions and parks all over Australia. 

But at the end of the day, there is nothing greater than being around two people who want to get married and "hang around together" forever.

In fact, I often find that intimate, smaller ceremonies can be more meaningful because it is simply about the couple wanting to get married and express their love for one another - not about putting on the "great big show" 😉



here did Simple Ceremonies start?

About 10 years ago, I started to meet couples that were not interested in all the hype of the traditional marriage ceremony. They were asking for something simple - and more affordable.

This made me start thinking -  what IS important in a marriage ceremony?

So this is where Simple Ceremonies was born. 



ow was it developed?

It has been a long process - and always developing.

Initially I needed to consider, what was needed to make the ceremony legal BUT THEN, importantly,  what was needed to make it meaningful?

Every ceremony has to be a very special moment in someones life. And I/we pride ourselves on that.

As you can imagine, after spending years with couples getting married, I came to recognise, what was important and those things that we could do without.

Make it Legal

I started to focus on the "admin stuff", to simplify it and automate it. As you can imagine, accuracy is critical. So automating processes helps remove the chance of inaccuracies - of course speed it up.

Admin should be as simple as possible!

Automate, online, mobile - this is what we've done and we are always refining.

Make it meaningful

This is where I think I come into my own. In their ceremony, talking to couples about what marriage means to them, not what it means to me.

  1. Commitment
  2. Two people
  3. Love each other

That's marriage!


here are we now?


Now, over the past 10 years plus we (yes, we now - my wife and I )  have created  a stream-lined process for couples to get married. Without the stress, fuss and expense of most weddings BUT importantly with the bits that matter.

ALL the legal stuff is handled online. Which means by the time you get to your wedding ceremony - your marriage celebrant is ready to ensure you have an amazing, beautiful ceremony that reflects the love you have for one another.


he Team

We have put together the best way to get marriage in Australia by also ensuring you have the best marriage celebrant. Over the years we have created a The Team of AMAZING marriage celebrants - Click here to meet them