Can I still get married in Australia?

Well, what a crazy year 2020 was and it is still dragging on!!!

However, even at the hight of the "lockdown" in Sydney, couples were still able to get married - even though they could only have 2 guests/ witnesses present.

( Although it was never compulsory to wear a mask many couples had to get the "Corona Wedding Photo")

This was in stark contrary to most of the world (including Melbourne) where couples we not able to get married -  at all.

Many couples still postponed their ceremony waiting for restrictions to be lifted so they could invite more than 2 people to their wedding.

Fast forward to January 2021 and ALL restrictions on weddings have now been lifted.

However, overseas travel restrictions are still in place which has resulted in couples continuing to hold off again rescheduling there ceremony.

But the question is now "How long will travel restrictions be in place?" 6 months, 12 months 2 years.

This uncertainty is now pushing couples to re-think postponing their ceremony. Many couples are now (March 2021) rescheduling their ceremonies and accepting that their overseas guests will not be able to attend. But in the future, when travel restriction have been lifted, they will have another ceremony, more inline with what they had originally planned.

As such many couples are booking simpler ceremonies (with few guests) so they can still get married and then celebrate with EVERYONE in a year or two.