Can I get married online?

Can I get married online?

In Australia you can NOT get LEGALLY married online. Per the Marriage Act 1961 administered by the Attorney General's Department it is NOT possible to get married "on-line" .

Per the Attorney-General's Department of Australia. "The Marriage Act 1961 states that marriage must be solemnised in the presence of an authorised celebrant and two witnesses. 'Presence' for the purpose of the act is interpreted as physical presence, therefore a marriage cannot be solemnised remotely eg. via Skype or Zoom."

The only way to get legally marry in Australia is for

  • the couple
  • 2 witnesses
  • marriage celebrant

all to be physically together in the same location.

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The next easiest and fastest way to get married is with Simple Ceremonies.

We GUARANTEE we will marry you on the day the lockdown finishes, as long as your NoIM was lodged 1 calendar month prior.

No other celebrant can offer this!

Book NOW to get married on the first day after LOCKDOWNNote. You must have complete your NoIM 1 month earlier.

Current COVID-19 Restrictions

9th April 2022

Current Restrictions

CURRENT UPDATE  @ 80% PLUS tionVaccintion - per NSW Health reopening roadmap

Weddings can go-ahead with the following restrictions on numbers:

  • Unlimited people (NB Simple Ceremonies number restrictions per location still apply)
  • 5 person limit for people who are NOT fully vaccinated
  • Masks are to be worn at all indoor locations - excluding the couple getting married

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In line with government recommendations (and requirements - NSW Health) all Simple Ceremonies celebrants are now vaccinated to ensure your (and everybody's) safety.

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What this means

If you had a wedding booked during this period

Unfortunately your wedding will need to be put on-hold.

Once restrictions have been lifted we will then work with you to re-schedule your ceremony. Please note our normal re-scheduling  fee will NOT apply during this period 👌

If you were planning on booking your ceremony

The current restrictions has no impact on those of you wishing to book your ceremony. As you are probably aware, every one getting married is required (by Australian law) to provide 1 calendar months notice. 

The advantage of booking now, is that you can complete all the paperwork and Notice so you will be ready to get married as soon as possible after the restrictions are lifted.

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