Make a correction to your Marriage Certificate

It is very important that your details are recorded correctly on your Notice of Intended Marriage form (NoIM). This is because the NoIM becomes the basis for the registration of your marriage and your Marriage Certificate.  If you need to make a correction to your marriage certificate it can be a process and expensive.

To avoid having to make a correction.

When completing your Notice we ask that you double-check all your details and ensure they exactly match any documentation you have and all details are 100% correct. These documents may include your passport or drivers license.

Once we have received your signed and witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage form we will upload this into the government Birth Deaths and Marriages database and send you a copy to check again.

So hopefully by the time of you marriage all details are 100%.

However, "the best-laid plans..." don't always come to fruition :-).

Making a correction to your marriage certificate after you are married.

If you do find an error prior to or even on the day of your ceremony please let us know immediately. We should be able to correct it for you at this stage.

However, if you identify an error after you marriage has been registered you will then need to make the correct(s) `directly with Births, Deaths and Marriage.

Here is a link to down load a BDM application to make a change to the details currently registered with them.

If you have already received your registered Certificate of Marriage, from BDM, you will need to return the erroneous one with your request.

I hope this is of help, but please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any more help.