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*At the 11am on the 28th July Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, announced that the lock down of Greater Sydney will be extended for another 4 weeks till the 28th August 2021. As such, weddings can not take place in Greater Sydney during this time. The first weddings can be held on Saturday 28th of August 2021.*


What this means

If you had a wedding booked during this period

Unfortunately your wedding will need to be put on-hold.

Once restrictions have been lifted we will then work with you to re-schedule your ceremony. Please note our normal re-scheduling  fee will NOT apply during this period 👌

If you were planning on booking your ceremony

The current restrictions has no impact on those of you wishing to book your ceremony. As you are probably aware, every one getting married is required (by Australian law) to provide 1 calendar months notice. 

The advantage of booking now, is that you can complete all the paperwork and Notice so you will be ready to get married as soon as possible after the restrictions are lifted.

NEW Bookings - Bookings can be made now with a FREE COVID re-schedule*


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