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Your booking at Davidson Park, Roseville, has now been confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email, shortly.

(If you don't receive it within the next few minutes, please check the email address you used or your SPAM folder)

Next steps ... these may need to be done TODAY!

That is, these steps have to be completed at least one calendar month prior to your ceremony date.

Next step is Step 2. a)


Steps 2 a) Complete your Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) online.

Click to Start your Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM form)The NoIM should only take about 5 minutes to put in your details. You have an option to start the NoIM, save it and then return at a later time.

After you have completed your details in the form (above), you will be asked to check your details and then Submit.

Within 1 minute of Submitting your details you will receive an email, containing a link to download  your NoIM as a PDF.  Check your Spam if you cannot find the email.

Step 2. b) Sign, witness and upload


Following Submitting your details,  download the NoIM form from the email you received Then;

  • Check all the details are correct
  • Have at least one of the parties to the marriage sign the form ( in the space on page 4)
  • Have the NoIM witnessed by an Authorised Person (these include a JP, Police Officer, Medical Practitioner or Legal Practitioner)
  • At least one calendar month prior to your ceremony date using the link in the email uploaded, your signed & witnessed NoIM and ID.

Critical Step 2. b) MUST be completed at least one (1) calendar month prior to your ceremony day.

If you do not complete this in time - we are unable to legally marry you on the day you have booked. Then if you wish to proceed you will need to book another date and pay again - as agreed to in our Terms.