To change your name through marriage is a very simple process.

You do NOT need to complete a Change of Name Form

You only require your Marriage Certificate.
Depending on who you talk to or who you are dealing with on the day, you may be able to use the Marriage Certificate you receive on the day of your marriage, directly from your celebrant. However, more and more this appears not to be the case. Although the certificate you receive on the day of your ceremony is a legal document, you are more than likely to be asked for the certificate which you must apply to BDM NSW for.

Armed with you Marriage Certificate , my suggestion would be to go to the RTA (Road Transport Authority) first and change over your drivers license. There is currently no charge for this. Once you have change the details on your driver’s license you now have photo ID. This will help with changing back accounts etc.

You will need to confirm this, but I believe that as long as you change you name on your passport within 12 months or being married, there is no charge. However, if you are outside of this time you will need to pay for a new passport.

There are also a number of sites that sell you kits to help you in the process. Here is one of those sites