The Studio Marriage Celebrant

The Studio Marriage Celebrant

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Milsons Village, 48 Alfred Street South, Milsons Point, North Sydney.

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hy get married at our Studio?

The Studio is an intimate space - lending itself to your special ceremony. So if you are looking for a very simple ceremony - low on fuss - very convenient - The Studio would be perfect.

The number of guest you can have is 12 people plus the two of you - total of 14 people.

The exception to this is if you have booked an Early Bird Special - in this case - the total number is 4 (including the couple).

These numbers can not be increased. If you would like to include more guests at your wedding you may want to consider one of our alternative locations.


etting there

The Studio is conveniently located in in Milsons Point, North Sydney, only 5 minutes from the CBD.

Metered street parking (or parking stations) are located close by. There is access to disabled parking available.

Milsons Point Railway Station is a 2 minutes walk away.

* As there is no waiting room, please wait outside until your scheduled time.



The Studio is simply appointed. There is a table to stand at for the signing and some seating - but generally, out of respect, guests stand during the ceremony (which will last 15 minutes with the signing of the Marriage Certificate).

Check out to add-on a photographer, flowers or even a dress.

NB. Food, Drink and Confetti is not permitted in the studio.

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