Purchase a Lodgement Voucher $110

Unsure of the date you wish to get married?

  • Are you applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300)?
  • Are you applying for a Shortening of Time?
  • Do you want flexibility in the date of your wedding ceremony?
  • Do you want to avoid the cost of rescheduling your ceremony?
  • Do you want to do the paperwork now and then book the date later?

A Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) Voucher is the solution.

You will be able to get married between 1 and 18 months after lodging your NoIM. When you are ready to lock in your ceremony date - you then pay the standard booking fee.

No need to lock-in a date before you start the paperwork.

Simply buy a NoIM Voucher, and immediately get the paperwork underway (this will only take a few minutes).

Then, once you have emailed through your Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) form, we can lodge it and prepare a letter for Immigration if that is what you require (normally same business day). Click here to see Standard letter.

Then after that (because you have already completed your NOIM - and a month has passed) you can lock in your ceremony date without having to wait the usual month again.

Terms and Conditions

Notice of Intended Marriage Voucher is valid for up to 12 months to make your booking - this can be extended out another 6 months. (Effectively, if you purchased a Lodgement Voucher today your ceremony can be held up to 18 months away)

The fee includes;

  • Lodgement of the NoIM
  • Standard Letter for Immigration. This letter contains the full names of each party & their address, confirmation that the NoIM has been confirmed and the proposed date of the ceremony. Click here to see an example -  Example of Standard Letter
  • Changes to information and format can be made for an additional fee of $50.
  • Updated letter reflecting a change in proposed ceremony date can be prepared at an additional fee of $50.
  • Transfer of NoIM to another celebrant $110.

The fee is non refundable.

The fee DOES NOT include your ceremony. Once you're ready to fix a date you can book online or call us. The standard fee per normal bookings is payable.