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Wedding donation and bloody simple

In a world where weddings often follow a traditional script, one couple has broken the mold in a profoundly meaningful way. Opting for a ceremony that not only celebrates their love but also their shared commitment to giving back, they have set a new precedent. Here’s why you should consider following in their footsteps and get married while donating blood at the Australian Blood Bank.

Wedding donation of blood and simple – share the love at you ceremony

Weddings are a celebration of love, a moment where two individuals come together to start a new chapter in their lives. While many seek to make their day memorable through lavish parties and exotic locations, some couples are choosing to infuse their special day with a deeper sense of purpose. One such groundbreaking approach involves a couple getting married while literally donating blood, a gesture that is not only unique but also a world first.

1. A World-First Initiative

Having your wedding ceremony while donating blood is an innovative concept. This unique approach to weddings not only sets your celebration apart but also highlights the importance of blood donation in a very public and impactful way – but you will be one of the first to ever donate while getting married.

2. Saving Lives on Your Special Day

By incorporating blood donation into your wedding, you and your partner can save lives together, making your union even more meaningful1. This act of kindness symbolizes a shared commitment to helping others, laying a strong foundation for your future together.

3. A Profoundly Unique Bonding Experience

This world-first wedding concept offers a bonding experience like no other. It’s a powerful way to demonstrate your shared values and commitment to making a difference, creating an unforgettable moment that strengthens your bond as a couple.

4. Inspiring Others Through Your Love

Choosing to donate blood on your wedding day not only impacts the lives you help save but also serves as a powerful inspiration to your guests3. It’s an opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of blood donation and encourage others to contribute to this vital cause.

5. Are you eligible to give blood and get married?

To find out if you can give blood click here.

To find out if you can get married click here.

Celebrating after the ceremony (& donating blood) with party pies and kombucha and the Blood Bank.

6. Simplifying Your Ceremony with Simple Ceremonies

For couples who value simplicity and meaningfulness, Simple Ceremonies offers the perfect solution to celebrate your love without the stress of traditional wedding planning. Their approach focuses on the essence of your commitment, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters—celebrating your union and starting your married life with an act of generosity.

Bookings are available Tuesday to Friday evenings between 5-6.30pm. Click here to suggest your preferred date.


Getting married while donating blood at the Australian Blood Bank is not just a unique way to celebrate your love; it’s a world-first initiative that sets a new standard for meaningful weddings. This innovative approach allows you to begin your life together on a note of generosity, saving lives, and inspiring others to do the same. By choosing to make your special day about more than just yourselves, you create a legacy of love and giving that will be remembered for years to come.