Thank you for booking your ceremony.

CRITICAL - At least one calendar month prior to your ceremony date!

Everyone getting married needs to

  • complete their Notice of Intended Marriage form on our website
  • sign it and  have it witnessed 
  • uploaded it back on to our website


If it is, no problem 😉 You should be able to complete the Notice on our website in 10 minutes. You then need to sign and have your signature witnessed by an Authorised Person - Easiest way to do this - 24/7 - if to record it with your web cam. Again the whole process to sign and witness should only take 5-10 minutes.

Just follow the instructions

Click below right now to login for critical information/ instructions and complete your Notice of Intended Marriage form (NoIM). 

Remember - first time login

Username: [Your Email]

Password: Password1

Complete NoIM ALL onlineONLY 15 minutes or less

Once you have completed the NoIM - there is nothing else to do until your ceremony day!!