Watch this video to see the easiest way to record the signing of your NoIM and upload it.

Click here to add Webcam-Recoder as an extension to Chrome browser -

Simple instructions to have your signature witnessed by an Authorised Person via a video recording. This can only be done in Australia. 

What you will need

1. Computer with web camera (MAC or Windows) with Chrome browser.

2a. a mobile device  with Adobe fill and sign (or similar) loaded


2b. printed off  hard copy of the NoIM that was emailed to you

Step A.

Log onto your computer and open Chrome as your browser

Step B.

Install "webcam-recorder" as an extension in Chrome - Click here 

Step C.

Open"Webcam-Recorder" and click record.

i) Introduce your self with your full name (each of you if both there)

ii) Provide the date, time and location of your ceremony

iii) either on the second device or as a hard copy, hold up page 4 of the NoIM showing all your details. Hold it still so we can read it if we need to 😉

iv) move to page 5 and sign in the appropriated place, either with an app like "adobe fill and sign" or with a pen on the hard copy. Ensure we can see you actually signing on the video.

v) stop the recording

Step D. 

Review the video

  1. i) Review the video you have recoRded and ensure it has clearly covers the above (see STEP C.). If it has not - please repeat.

Step E.

Save the signed NoIM

 Save the signed NoIM with the following name "[C_YYYY][C_MM][C_DD]_[BG_Surname]_[B_Surname].PDF

Then once you have done the above you are ready to upload all back onto our site.

Log back in and upload: the signed NoIM, ID docs, Previous marriage docs (if applicable) and the video you have just recorded.

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