Pricing - from $150

We are substantially cheaper than the government Marriage Registry office and a lot simpler to organise.

The price includes;

  • Lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage form (NoIM).
  • Your ceremony at an AMAZING location, including a signing table.
  • SAME-DAY registration of your Marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriage. So no waiting!

Amazing price PLUS Australia's highest Google rated marriage celebrant!

Simple, Easy & Fast

  • You complete all documents online.
  • NO INTERVIEW or meetings required before your ceremony.
  • Only one of you needs to sign the NoIM prior to your ceremony.
  • SAME-DAY registration of your Marriage. No waiting!
  • No matter where you are from around the world - ALL you need is your PASSPORT (OR original birth certificate AND drives license), if you haven't been previously married.

Recognised world-wide!

Australian Attorney-General's Department.

So your marriage can be legally registered your marriage celebrant must be Authorised by the Australian Attorney General.

To confirm your celebrant is an Authorised Marriage Celebrant click on the link below (to the Australian Government, Attorney-General's Department website) and type in your celebrants surname.

Example. Type in just "Teulon".

This will show that Michael Teulon, is an  Authorised Marriage Celebrant, and Principal Celebrant at Simple Ceremonies.