Get married in Australia in 3 easy steps

Simple ceremonies is the easiest way to get married in Australia, just 3 easy steps.

Planning a wedding in Australia is a breeze with Simple Ceremonies! Follow these three easy steps to say “I do” in Australia:

Step 1: Make a booking with Simple Ceremonies online (2 minutes) Kickstart your journey to marital bliss by booking your special day with Simple Ceremonies. Our user-friendly online platform ensures a quick and hassle-free reservation process, taking just two minutes of your time. Choose your preferred date and let the excitement begin!

Step 2: Complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) with Simple Ceremonies online (10 minutes) The legalities are crucial, but we’ve simplified the process for you. Complete the NoIM effortlessly through our online system, spending just 10 minutes to ensure all the paperwork is in order. Simple Ceremonies has your back every step of the way.

Step 3: Your marriage ceremony – with an amazing celebrant, beautiful locations, and same-day registration with BDM NSW Experience the wedding of your dreams with Simple Ceremonies. Our experienced celebrants will make your ceremony unforgettable, set against breathtaking locations. Plus, we take care of the paperwork, ensuring your marriage is officially registered with BDM NSW on the same day. Start your journey to wedded bliss with Simple Ceremonies – where love meets simplicity!