Weddings on the increase, but not in churches

By NEWS | Kaley Payne & Karen Mudge

Seventy percent of Australian wedding ceremonies are conducted by civil celebrants, according to the latest data from Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The data, which lists October as the most popular month for Australians to tie the knot, shows marriage is on the increase, with a record numbers exceeding 121,000 marriages per year.

But while marriage numbers have been on the increase for over a decade, the last time religious celebrants officiated more ceremonies than civil celebrants was in the 1990s.

“With church attendance declining, the one time Australians were likely to pass through the church doors was for a wedding, but now just 30 per cent of all weddings are conducted by ministers of religion,” says social researcher Mark McCrindle.

Australia sees an average of 332 weddings per day, with this figure rising to an average of 577 in October, the busiest month of the year, and down to 190 in June, the quietest month of the year.

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