What makes a great Marriage (Year 1)

After the first year of marriage, we asked the couples we have married for their advice. Below are some of their responses.


A photo tells 1,000 words


Dear Michael and Crew,  Thank you so very much.

Yes still very happy and living our best lives now we are together.

My advice for newly weds is this:

There has to be chemistry in a relationship to have that spark ⚡️ that little thing inside you that spreads like a warmth thru your soul.
To cuddle and laugh often and just love being in each others company is just the best reasons ever to unite by getting married and honouring the love you feel towards your partner.
Every Friday night Is date night and we have just found this date night to be something special to look forward to every week. It keeps the relationship fresh n bright. We live for date nights........so thats my helpful hints for newly wedded people.

We got married during the pandemic, which was not our first option. But we make it happened, because our love is stronger and we just can’t wait to seal the deal! 

Be realistic, flexible, compromise and have fun! Things may go wrong but take a deep breath. It works out at the end, so enjoy the most precious day of your life! It is important to relax and chill, especially for the bride so you would not be a bridezilla 🙂 “

Ralph and Vina

Our advice to happy marriage would be - “Always try to understand each other” - Soo and Biswa

Advice for married couples....hmmmm... Encourage each other to be independent. Makes the together time more valuable. (Also get multiple copies of your marriage certificate!) Take care, thanks for the email and wishes. Fred and Irene
Can’t believe a year has past already, 
It certainly was a year with lots of ups and downs. 
Thankyou for thinking of us
Regards Jackie
Well marriage certainly has its challenges. I guess the most important learning is learning how to communicate with each other openly because at the end of the day we are each other's best friend. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 endometriosis after we got married so this has been a long roller coaster ride. Certainly not the free easy going time we were both used to. Due to Covid I have only just been scheduled in for surgery in April.
So we have finally set a date this year to renew our vows with family and friends. Of course apart from our witnesses no one is aware we are actually married. In saying that we were hoping you are available Saturday, 4 December to perform our ceremony.
Kind regards
Verusha & Michael
Can’t believe a year has past already, 
It certainly was a year with lots of ups and downs. 
Thankyou for thinking of us
Regards Jackie
Married life has been absolutely fantastic - far better than I could have ever imagined (and this is my 3rd marriage)!
We are blissfully happy and contented.
We have bought a block of land just 20 metres from the ocean in Cebu and are bow building a big tropical house with a pool.
We hope to move in at the end of 2021.
We have lovely memories of your wedding ceremony and often look at the pics to remember the day.
Chris and Jecebel
It has been a year of deep reflection and grounding, in light of the subtle and gross changes we have all experienced. I would say it is too early to give marriage advice, but we will be sure to check back with you in years to come 😉
Warm regards,
Raisa & Phenyo


My advice would be to just do it!

Hope all is well your end and you and your family are safe and well.

All the best for 2021.

Kind Regards

Nick & Victoria

I guess our advice to people about to get married is to take the focus off the "wedding" and put that focus on the "marriage" instead.

We see these huge fancy weddings, and people walk away talking about the food, or the dancing, or uncle bobs drunken speech.

People walked away from ours talking about how intimate, close and loving it was. It was one day, and we put the same effort into each other every single day as we did that day.

Thank you for the wonderful memory of our wedding day. It was magic!

Kindest regards, Tayla and Nick