It’s very simple, convenient and you can save $100s.


People from any country, can get legally married in Australia – and it’s recognised around the world.

All you need is LOVE (and to be over 18 and have a passports OR a birth certificate & drivers license)


You DON’T need;

  • an interview,
  • hassle or
  • a lot of $$$ 😉
 All you need to do is:
  • make your booking on-line,
  • complete your Notice of Intended Marriage form (via email or in my office) and then
  • get married 😉

Check availability, right now, by clicking below

  Weekday park ceremony – $320
   Saturday park ceremony – $350
   Sunday park ceremony – $390
  Weekday office ceremony – $270
   Saturday office ceremony – $300
   SPECIAL Monday Office Ceremony – $250

Have a look at the 3 Steps below for all the details.

Not sure what date to book?

If you are not sure what date you would like to get married, at this stage, but would like to get the paperwork under way, why not purchase a Ceremony Voucher. We will complete your Notice of Intended Marriage and prepare a letter for immigration (if required) now and then you can booking in your ceremony date when you are sure of the date you can get married

From time to time Michael is on holiday during these times, awarded marriage celebrant Gary Mooney may fill in. You will be notified of this when you select your proposed date – prior to making your booking.

Save between $89 and $189 when booking here rather than at the government run Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry office – A little more personal and a lot less fuss :)

Save a lot more compared to getting married by an alternative marriage celebrant.

*We provide a small table for the signing only. However, you are free to provide your own chairs, decoration and photographer for your ceremony in the park or check out TL Studio who will be able to help with this*

Not everyone wants a great big wedding ceremony with all the frills. Which is why I have created Simple Ceremonies, for those that want a beautiful legal wedding ceremony without the fuss or expense.

Check availability for all dates, here now.

These prices include:

  • The lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage
  • your ceremony
  • registration of your marriage

Simple Ceremonies has been designed to meet the needs of those wanting a meaningful, personable (and legal) ceremony without the stress and expense generally associated with a wedding ceremony.

How can I provide such a service at such a low price?
I have been an Authorised Marriage Celebrant since 2004 and have officiated at 100s of ceremonies. Over that time I have seen what is, and importantly, what isn’t critical to a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. By eliminating the things that aren’t critical, I am able to reduce the effort, fuss and expense you have to go through. Simple things such as;

  • on-line bookings,
  • streamlining the lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage,
  • fixed locations for your ceremony
  • on-line registration of your marriage with Birth, Deaths and Marriages NSW

So if you are looking for;

  • a meaningful ceremony to reflect the love you share,
  • a legally recognised marriage,
  • a ceremony performed by an awarded professional celebrant,
  • a ceremony without the fuss and expense,

Then Simple Ceremonies is for you.

Having said all of this, you may be looking for something a little more involved than that offered by Simple Ceremonies. If this is the case you may like to have a look at my traditional website.

*We provide a small table for the signing only. You are free to provide your own chairs, decoration and photographer or check out TL Studio who will be able to help with this*

Bookings need to be made on-line to take advantage of the pricing but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 0412477141.


See what people have said about Simple Ceremonies OR feel free to leave your own feedback. *SPECIAL* $250 – LIMITED DATES IN OFFICE! You need to book by Wednesday, February 8th 2017


You ceremony will be held in one of two locations.

Beautiful Bradfield Park, off Olympic Drive , Milsons Point, North Sydney


Bradfield Park ceremony on a weekday is $320 or $350 on a Saturday.

(NB. Bradfield Park is very large, however, your ceremony will take place in a very specific location, right down on the water’s edge, under the harbour bridge, just off Olympic Drive, Milsons Point, North Sydney) Click here for more details of Park location and map to share with your guests 

Or in  my office, conveniently located at Key Studio, lower ground (down the stairs) 83 Walker Street, North Sydney (2 minutes walk from the station)


An office ceremony on a weekday is $270 or $300 on a Saturday.

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A marriage celebrant offering the best service and price.