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2. Complete your Notice of Intended Marriage NoIM (on-line), sign and have witnessed (on-line)Adobe_Esign. (You will need to be physically with an Authorised Person to have them witness your signature on the Notice.
3. Then there is nothing more to do until your big day. (You will still need to provide original ID and docs on the day – see “Step 2” for docs required)

Save between $89 and $168 over the government run registry office and end up with the same out come. Save $100s when compared to other celebrants. Prices start from just $250 all inclusive. There is no legal difference between your marriage with Simple ceremonies and the government run registry Office except;

* we don’t require an interview prior to your ceremony
* we offer a personal ceremony
* we are cheaper

*SPECIAL* $250 – LIMITED DATES! You need to book by Sunday, April 30th 2017

It’s very simple, easy and convenient

Online booking, email NoIM, enjoy your ceremony

Our one low fee covers everything, including:

  1. Lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage,
  2. Delivering your personal Ceremony
  3. Registration of your marriage, the same day, with Births, Deaths and Marriage

3 Great locations – Beautiful, Convenient and Adventurous!

Click below to BOOK or Check Availability

Milsons Point, North Sydney

BOOK Beautiful Bradfield Park fm just $320

North Sydney

BOOK My Convenient office from just $270

McMahons Point, North Sydney

BOOK Iconic Blues Point Reserve just $350

Snowy Mountains – Southern NSW (6 hour drive from Sydney)

BOOK Adventure In the Snow for just $350

Not sure what date? A Ceremony Voucher!Start paperwork and visa letter right now..

 I have been an Authorised Marriage Celebrant since 2004 and have officiated at 100s of ceremonies. Over that time I have seen what is, and importantly, what isn’t critical to a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. By eliminating the things that aren’t critical, I am able to reduce the effort, fuss and expense you have to go through. Simple things such as;

  • on-line bookings
  • streamlining the lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage
  • fixed locations for your ceremony
  • on-line registration of your marriage with Birth, Deaths and Marriages NSW

See what our customers have said about us or just Google Simple Ceremonies


People, from any country, can get legally married in Australia – and it’s recognised around the world.

It makes no difference if you are a resident or citizen of Australia – anyone from around the world can get married in Australia. In general terms, all you need is;

  • to be over 18 years old
  • have a passport. If you don’t have a passport you can use you original birth certificate plus official photo ID eg driver’s license
  • not currently be married. And if you have in the past you will need to provide original divorce or death certificate

For more information please contact us

From time to time Michael is on holiday during these times, awarded marriage celebrant Gary Mooney may fill in. You will be notified of this when you select your proposed date – prior to making your booking.

See what people have said about Simple Ceremonies OR feel free to leave your own feedback.


Not everyone wants a great big wedding ceremony with all the frills. Which is why we have created Simple Ceremonies, for those that want a beautiful legal wedding ceremony without the fuss or expense. Simple Ceremonies has been designed to meet the needs of those wanting a meaningful, personable (and legal) ceremony without the stress and expense generally associated with a wedding ceremony. So if you are looking for; a meaningful ceremony to reflect the love you share, a legally recognised marriage, a ceremony performed by an awarded professional celebrant, a ceremony without the fuss and expense, Then Simple Ceremonies is for you. Having said all of this, you may be looking for something a little more involved than that offered by Simple Ceremonies. If this is the case you may like to have a look at my traditional website. www.sydneymarriagecelebrant.info.


What a Wedding Ceremony should look like (an interesting article)

Bookings need to be made on-line to take advantage of the pricing but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 0412477141.

When do you perform ceremonies?

I’m generally available for ceremonies on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday mornings and Sunday morning – this is all subject to availability for specifics dates. Please click here to see all available locations, dates and times.

I only take bookings up to 6months in advance – so, if you want to get married more than 6months in advance you’ll need to wait to make your booking.

What locations do you perform ceremonies in?

I only perform ceremonies at the following locations;

  1. Bradfield Park, off Olympic Drive (under the Harbour Bridge – right down on the waters edge) Milsons Point, North Sydney.
  2. Office Ceremony, Key Studio, Lower Ground (come down the stairs) 83 Walker Street, North Sydney
  3. Blues Point Reserve, end of Blues Point Road, McMahons Point, North Sydney


Can I make a booking over the phone?

You can, however there is an additional fee of $50.

Simple Ceremonies has been designed to keep things simple and the costs low. To achieve this we have set up the on-line booking system (showing available dates and times).

You just need to go to Step 1 – Make a booking; select your location, date and time.

Does payment need to be made at time of booking?

Yes. Full payment needs to be made at time of booking. This is done by credit card online. This payment is non refundable, however you can change your ceremony date, once you have made your booking, as long as you give more than one months notice.


Do I need to bring witnesses?

Yes. You will need to bring two witnesses with you. They can be anyone as long as they are over 18 years old and speak english.

We do not normally supply witnesses, however if you provide sufficient notice we can, although there is a cost of $300 (for 2 witnesses).

How many people can I have at my ceremony?


  • For an Office ceremony the maximum number is 12 (including the bride & groom, adult & children guests, suppliers)

The exception to this is if you have booked a Monday Special – in this case, the total number is 6(including the bride & groom, adult & children guests, suppliers)

Blues Point Reserve

  • For a Blues Point Reserve ceremony the maximum number is 20 (including the bride & groom, adult & children guests, suppliers) – this can NOT be increased.

Bradfield Park

  • For a Park ceremony the maximum number is 20 (including the bride & groom, adult & children guests, suppliers).

In the case of a Bradfield Park Ceremony only, the numbers can be increased up to a maximum of 59 people  – however, there is an additional fee of $75.

*** If you want to have more than 59 people Simple Ceremonies is not the appropriate service for you. Fee free to give us a call, before making your booking, and we can recommend celebrants that may be able to help you.


White Wedding – Perisher Valley

  • For a Perisher Valley ceremony the maximum number is 20 (including the bride & groom, adult & children guests, suppliers) – this can NOT be increased.

Do I need a Translator or an Interpreter?

Translator for Documents: All documents need to be in English if not the original document must be accompanied by a N.A.A.T.I. certified translations.

Interpreter for the ceremony: If one or both of you do not confidently understand and speak English you will need someone to translate for you. This person can be anyone (over 18 years old) who is fluent in your language and English. They will need to sign a Statutory Declaration confirming their ability and also accuracy of their translation. Click here for Stat Dec.

How do I make additional payments?

You may want to make additional payments in relation to; rescheduling you ceremony, increasing the number of guests, arranging witnesses.

A. To do this you just need to transfer the funds to the account below.

Name: Key Studio

BSB: 062 110

Acc: 1021655

Ref: (see below*)

*A reference needs to be included for each transfer – see below for the reference to use.

Rescheduling: the fee is $85 the reference to be used is “SCF (brides first name)”

Additional Guests: the fee is $75 the reference to be used is “SCA (brides first name)”

Witnesses: the fee for arranging 2 witnesses is $300 the reference to be used is “SCW (brides first name)”

B. As soon as you have transferred the fee please email me notifying me with a copy of the receipt.

What happens if we are running late?

It is planned that your ceremony will start at the time you have booked. However, we are able to delay your ceremony up to an absolute maximum of 10 minutes. If we are unable to start the ceremony within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time you will need to rebook your ceremony for another time. You will be required to pay the full fee again.

What happens if we don’t provide the required documents prior to the ceremony?

All required documents must be provided prior to your ceremony (otherwise I will not be able to perform a legal ceremony)

This may include;

  • the original Notice of Intended Marriage form (which you have signed and had witnessed),
  • identifications (passports OR original birth certificate AND photo drivers license),
  • divorce or death certificates.

All document needs to be in English or accompanied with a N.A.A.T.I. credited translation.

If all documents are not provided I am unable to marry you by law – Marriage Act 1961

In this case, we can have “commitment ceremony” where it needs to be made clear that your ceremony is not a legal marriage.

If you then wish to have a legal ceremony you will need to rebook (and pay the full fee again).


How do I get a copy of my Divorce papers?

If you have been previously married and this ended in divorce, you will need to provide your original Divorce papers.

You can apply for these generally on-line (if you were divorced in Australia).

Click here for more information






A marriage celebrant offering the best service and price.