Frequent Asked Questions

A. Prior to  your ceremony

Can I get married in Australia?

Anyone from any country around the world can get married in Australia. It makes no difference if you are a resident or citizen of Australia - anyone from around the world can get married in Australia. In general terms, all you need is;

  • to be over 18 years old
  • have a passport. If you don't have a passport you can use you original birth certificate plus official photo ID eg driver's licence.
  • not currently married, and if you have in the past, you will need to provide original divorce or death certificate.

Click here to do a quick test to confirm you can get married and specifically what you need. 

Can I shorten the Notice period - of one month?

Click on the link below to see if and how you may be able to shorten the Notice period to less than one month.

Who is an Authorised Person, able to witness my signature on the Notice of intended Marriage form?

You are required to sign your Notice of Intended Marriage in front of an Authorised Person. Click on this link to see a full list.

How do I apply for my divorce papers?

If you have been married perviously you will need to provide original copies of your divorce papers. If your divorce took place in Australia you may be able to order a copy  by clicking on this link.

How do I make an additional payment - after making a booking?

If you need to make an additional payment, after you have already booked, in relation to the following

  • Re-scheduling
  • Making a correction to the NoIM
  • Booking a ceremony with less than 1 Months notice - where you have applied fora shortening
  • Other

Please use this link

Here you can make payments for things such as; additional guests, re-scheduling, arranging witnesses, re-booking etc.

Do I need to bring Witnesses on the day of my ceremony?

Yes. You will need to bring two witnesses with you. They can be anyone as long as they are over 18 years old and speak english. They do not require any ID.

Please advise you celebrant on the day of your ceremony of their names.

We do not normally supply witnesses, however if you provide sufficient notice we can arrange one/two witnesses for you. The current fee is $150 per witness ie $300 for 2 witnesses.

Do I need a Translator?

Do I need a Translator? All documents need to be in english. If not, the original document must be accompanied by a N.A.A.T.I. certified translation.

How many people can attend the ceremony?

This depends on the location of your ceremony.

In general you can have up to

  • 20 people at an outdoor loction (or bar)
  • 12 people at our office location (The Studio).

Theses numbers includes the couple getting married and their guests (adults and children)

The exception to this are;

  • Bradfield Park - North Sydney
  • Blue Point Reserve - North Sydney
  • Balcombe Heights Estate - Baulkham Hills

At these 3 location (only) numbers can be increased up to 59 people in total, for an additional fee of $75. This can be paid after booking through this link -

Note. From time to time Special are available - these Specials will generally have restriction on numbers. See details when book Specials for restrictions.

B. About your ceremony


Before your ceremony ensure you have everything in order to ensure you day will be perfect. Click on this link to see our Checklist, to help.

Do I need an Interpreter?

If you or your partner do not confidently speak and understand english you will need an Interpreter for the ceremony. The interpreter can be anyone (over 18 years old) who is fluent in your language and english. They will need to sign a Statutory Declaration confirming their ability and also accuracy of their translation. They will need to complete the Statutory Declaration - Click here to complete - then print off and bring with you to the ceremony.

How will your wedding day flow?

To see how your wedding day will flow, click on this link

To see a copy of a Sample Marriage Ceremony, click here

C. After you are married

What do I have to do after my ceremony?


Immediately following you ceremony you will sign your Certificate of Marriage (on Commonwealth Government paper) and a copy will be handed to you to keep.

The same day as your ceremony will register your marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriages (the government body responsible for recording such details).

If you require the registered Certificate of Marriage (no all couples will) see below "How do I get my Registered Certificate of Marriage". This will also explain the difference between the certificates.

How do I get my Registered Certificate of Marriage?

If you require a Registered Certificate of Marriage, please click on this link

How do I change my name after I'm married?

How do I Change my Name after marriage?

If you would like to change your name, after you are married, click on this link to see how best to go about this.

How to correct details on the Marriage Certificate?

We go to every effort to ensure your details are recorded correctly prior to your ceremony (requesting your IDs and also asking for your to double/ triple/ quadruple  check all details - prior to your ceremony and also on the day of your ceremony.

Prior to your ceremony we are able to make corrections for you, however once your marriage has been registered, it is then your responsibility.

You will need to contact Births, Deaths and Marriage to make these changes. Click here for more information

D. Other FAQs

Check out our Terms

With the aim of ensuring everyone is left smiling and your ceremony is perfect please read our Terms by clicking on the link below

Can I make a booking over the phone?

You can, however there is an additional fee of $50. Simple Ceremonies has been designed to keep things simple and the costs low. To achieve this we have set up the on-line booking system (showing available dates and times). You just need to go to Step 1 - Make a booking; select your location, date and time.

Does payment need to be made at time of booking?

Yes. Full payment needs to be made at time of booking. This is done by credit card online. This payment is non refundable, however you can change your ceremony date, once you have made your booking, as long as you give more than one calendar month & two day's notice.

How do I make additional payments?

You may want to make additional payments in relation to; rescheduling you ceremony, increasing the number of guests or arranging witnesses. Just click here -

Marriage Celebrants - Code of Conduct & Complaints

All celebrant should operate in accordance with a Code of Conduct as issued by the Australian Attorney General. To see the code click on this link. If you would like to make a complaint about the service you have received please contact me (Michael Teulon) on 0412477141 or send an email to I will endeavour to resolve your concerns.

How to make a Complaint

If you feel your concerns have not been answer by following the above (contacting Michael),  you can make a formal complaint by clicking on the link below.