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Marriage Registry Office Sydney

Fun with friends - The Studio - Milson Point


Festivities with family - 42 guests from $375

Up to 42 guests

Chairs and decorations incl. - 10 guest just $300

Marriage Ceremony Opera House

Photoshoot following - just a short walk

Studio Registry

  • $300 - Mon to Sat AM - 12 people
  • $525 - Sat PM to Sun - 44 people
  • $150 - Early Bird SPECIAL - 4 people (Mondays - Limited)

(Studio includes decorations & seating for all)

Standard Locations

  • $350 - Mon to Sun - 20 people
  • $425 - Mon to Sun - 60 people

Custom Locations

  • From $450 - 20 people
  • From $525 - 100 people

Finding a marriage celebrant right for you.

Finding the right person to marry you shouldn't  just about how much it costs. Your wedding, no matter if it's small or large, should always be special - way better than just the basic 'sign the papers' service at the Sydney Marriage Office. Your marriage celebrant should be able to match what you are looking for in your wedding ceremony - whether it is a simple ceremony you are after or an extravaganza. If you are looking for a simple ceremony we can certainly help.

What is a simple ceremony?

A simple ceremony is definitely not a basic ceremony or a "legals only" ceremony - it is much more that that. Click here to find out what makes a simple ceremony.

Why Simple Ceremonies could be right for you

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In summary, we are specialists in simple ceremonies. Every day we put together simple but amazing weddings that are fun, full of meaning, and really, really special.

Sure, we offer

    • the most affordable ceremonies in Australia
    • ceremonies from 2 to 100 guests
    • easy booking and completion of the legal documents
    • to get you married in 31 days or less
    • help you arranging your whole day. Including, photographer, cars, flowers, chairs & decorations, your reception, rings and more. "One stop shop"
    • to registered you marriage immediately after your ceremony - even quicker than Births, Deaths and Marriage NSW

However, what really matters, is what our couples think. We are Australia's top rated marriage celebrant with over 750 5-star reviews. Others may try and mimic us but none are able to provide the same couple satisfaction we have been doing since 2010.


Simple ceremony at Blues Point Reserve - Amazing Marriage celebrant

Embracing the philosophy of simplicity, we're here to ensure you can effortlessly organize everything online for your unforgettable day. From making your booking to completing your Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM), and even adding those special touches like decorations, chairs, photographers, cars, rings, and flowers—we've got it all covered. Need assistance or have questions? We're just an email or phone call away, ready to support you. Prefer a face-to-face meeting? Let's make it happen! We'll guide you through booking your ceremony, filling out the NoIM, witnessing, and even give you a sneak peek into how your ceremony will unfold. Let's make your special day seamless and memorable together!

World First / Unique Wedding Ceremonies

Got an idea for your ceremony? Let us know and we will see if we can help.

Couple get legally married in helicopter over Sydney

Marriage Registry Office, Blues Point Reserve, McMahons Point, Sydney
Quicker, cheaper and a lot more fun than the government Marriage Registry Office.

We now offer video witnessing 24/7 without leaving home via WhatsApp

Book, complete  your Notice of Intended Marriage form, sign AND have it witnessed, all in under 10 minutes - without leaving home 😉

Marriage Registry Office, Blues Point Reserve, McMahons Point, Sydney

Quicker, cheaper, amazing locations and a lot more fun than the government Marriage Registry Office.

Marriage Celebrant at Bradfield Park for an incredible simple ceremonyImage

2 to 100 guests!

Marriage Celebrant Location Sydney

Other stuff, you may (or may not) want to know is below 🙂

The important stuff - stuff you need to know is all above this.

But if you would like more information feel free to read on or contact us direct on email or phone.

Why Simple Ceremonies is the best way to get married.

Almost 600 5 Star reviews on Google alone. Australia's highest rated celebrant.

Simple Ceremonies is designed for everyone wanting a simple ceremony. A simple ceremony is a legal wedding ceremony for up to 100 people, that is relaxed, fun and meaningful. You can have all your traditional elements to a wedding - it just needs to start on time* and finish within 30 minutes. Find out more about what a simple ceremony is right here.

* Hint. Tell everyone you are starting 15 minutes before you actually are 😉

SAVE $200+Click here to compare with the NSW Marriage Registry Office

What is the difference between Simple Ceremonies and the government Marriage Registry Office?

Just like the government Marriage Registry Office, Simple Ceremonies performs legally recognised marriages. The difference is that we are simpler, quicker, cheaper, and more fun - but with exactly the same legal outcome.


The Simple, Premium & Cool way to get married!

Whilst offering amazing value.

Your wedding ceremony should be a very special moment in your lives.

So our focus is on giving you, the perfect simple ceremony - with the best celebrants & locations.

We then streamline the rest - keeping it simple, fast and great value. Standard ceremonies from just $300.

We also have add ons: chairs, decorations, photographer, videographer, flowers, wedding rings and venues to celebrate!

One Stop - for your perfect wedding!

Simply Incredible.....Incredibly Simple

Marriage Registry Officer alternative for wedding couples

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