Are you looking for the simpliest way to get married in Australia? You can do it all in just 3 simple steps. Check out everything you need to know below.

Select from one of our AMAZING locations. One fee, ALL inclusive.

  • Lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage form,
  • your beautiful ceremony with your fabulous celebrant (including location)
  • registration of your marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriages, NSW - SAME DAY.

Legally recognised marriage in just 3 steps - ALL inclusive fee!

The DetailSimple how it all works
Do everything online... except your ceremony 😉 (Only celebrant to offer this service)
But feel free to call with any questions 0412 477 141

Our price includes:

  • lodgement of Notice of Intended Marriage form (NoIM)
  • your ceremony at one of our great locations (we provide a small table for signing)
  • same-day registration of your marriage with Births, Deaths and Marriages NSW. 

Exact same legal outcome as the government Marriage Registry office but;

  • no interviews,
  • easier,
  • quicker,
  • cheeper,
  • with a personal touch,
  • amazing locations and
  • more colour than a government office.

5 Star Rating

Michael is Australia’s only Marriage Celebrant with over 150 Google 5 Star Ratings.

Marriage Celebrant – Michael Teulon

With 15 years experience, you’re guaranteed an amazing ceremony, reflecting the love you share. Your ceremony will be relaxed yet meaningful and who knows, maybe a bit of fun ;-).

Check out the reviews

“If you’re after a Simple Ceremony, I’d love to help – and make it easy.”

We're always being asked this, because our fee is so much lower than anyone else.

What we've done is stream-lined the boring bits of getting married.

We've introduced things, such as; 

  • on-line booking
  • on-line paperwork
  • no interviews
  • registration of marriage same-day on-line
  • fixed ceremony locations

As a result of this, we can offer an all inclusive price, well below the Marriage Registry Office... 

You will save up to

BUT, what we haven't "stream-lined" is the  the essence, meaning and importance of your very special day.

Having been a celebrant since 2004, I understand that your wedding is far more important than "efficiencies".

Your ceremony is a very special moment in your lives, one you will remember forever . This, is central to our service. We will ensure, you have a ceremony you will remember forever. 

Compare to the government Marriage Registry Office.

Simple Ceremonies provides exactly the same legal services as the Marriage Registry Office – but better … and in beautiful locations.

Compare total costs

Cost of getting married at the Government Registry Office on a Saturday is $487.

Cost of getting married at the Simple Ceremonies Office on a Saturday is $270.

SAVE $218!!!

Compare outcome

Both ceremonies are legally recognised world wide – and Simple Ceremonies is generally registered quicker.