he simpler, more affordable and quickest way to get married

is with Simple Ceremonies. It is far easier than the government Marriage Registry Office – and a lot nicer.

3 Simple Steps is all you need to do to get married,


mazing locations for your marriage.



ustralia’s only Marriage Celebrant with over 100 Google 5 Star Ratings.

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Your Marriage Celebrant – Michael Teulon

With 15 years experience, you’re guaranteed an amazing ceremony, reflecting your love. And who knows, it may even be fun ;). Check out the reviews.


ow do we do it at this price?

We've stream-lined the boring bits of getting married, by;

  • on-line booking,
  • on-line paperwork,
  • no interviews,
  • registration of marriage same-day on-line and
  • fixed ceremony locations.

As a result of this, we can offer an all inclusive price, well below the Marriage Registry Office... 

You will save up to

BUT, what we haven't "stream-lined" is the  the essence and meaning of your very special day".


ompare to the government Marriage Registry Office.

Simple Ceremonies provides exactly the same legal services as the government Marriage Registry Office – but better and in beautiful locations.

Compare total costs

Cost of getting married at the Government Registry Office on a Saturday is $477.

Cost of getting married at the Simple Ceremonies Office on a Saturday is $270.

Compare outcome

Both ceremonies are legally recognised world wide – and Simple Ceremonies is generally registered quicker.