Planning to getting married at the government Marriage Office?

Often, the first thought couples have when they are planning a simple ceremony, is to have it at the government Marriage Office (Births, Deaths and Marriage NSW - Marriage Registry Office) . 

But before you rush in... you may want to consider the following aspects of getting married at the Marriage Office, including;

  • Cost of getting married 
  • Ease to arrange to get married
  • Location of your marriage
  • Celebrant who will be conduct your marriage.

1. How much does it cost to get married at the Marriage Registry Office?

At time of publication(22nd January 2018) the following costs were current when getting married at the government Marriage Registry Office.

Monday to Friday 8am-5pm $366

 Friday 6pm-8pm $477

Saturday and Sundays $477

Now these prices may seem reasonable when compared to a private Marriage Celebrant - who charge between $600 and $1,600, BUT...

Simple Ceremonies the better alternative can save you the following; 

Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm SAVE $96

Friday 6pm-8pm up to SAVE $207

Saturday & Sunday up to SAVE $207

2. What is involved when arranging your Marriage Ceremony at the Marriage Registry Office?

At the time of publication (22nd January 2018) the following was applicable

  1. Make your booking. This is done by a phone call during office hours or by completing a form and then waiting for a response.

  2. Make an appointment for your Interview, this is done at the time of booking.

  3. Both parties to attend their interview with the Births, Deaths and Marriages representative at their offices in Sydney/ Parramatta or Wollongong.

  4. Complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) form and lodge it at your interview.  After your NoIM has been lodged all couples must wait at least one calendar month to get married. If you have to wait for your interview, you will not be able to lodge your NoIM - so you ceremony date will have to wait too. Following your interview you need to wait at least one calendar month before you can get married.

  5. Have your Marriage Ceremony with a Marriage Celebrant appointed to you by Births, Deaths and Marriage, NSW. 

*Simple Ceremonies the better alternative makes the process very simple and much quicker. So when you have met that person you want to marry - there's no mucking around or waiting for an interview.

  1. Make a booking online 24/7. Instant confirmation.
  2. Complete Notice of Intended Marriage online 24/7, no need to wait for an interview. Then wait one calendar month before your ceremony date.
  3. Have your Marriage Ceremony with an awarded Celebrant you know. 

3. What ceremony locations are offered by the government Marriage Office?

At the time of publication (22nd January 2018) the following locations were offered by Births, Deaths and Marriage as ceremony locations.

  • Sydney Office
  • Handpicked Cellar Door (alt Fridays plus $120)
  • Parramatta Office
  • Wollongong

* Simple Ceremonies the better alternative offer amazing, cool, iconic locations around Sydney (all of which are CHEAPER than any venue offered by BDM).

  • Bradfield Park - on Sydney Harbour, North Sydney
  • Water Taxi in front of the Sydney Opera House
  • Blues Point Reserve, on Sydney Harbour, North Sydney
  • Bondi Beach, Bondi
  • Graffiti Lounge bar, Sydney City
  • Mort Bay Park, on Sydney Harbour, Balmain
  • Harrington Park Lake, Camden
  • North Sydney Office
  • Parramatta Office

4. Who will be your Marriage Celebrant at your wedding ceremony?

The Marriage Registry Office has government employees who are authorised to officiate at your Marriage ceremony. You will be allocated your Marriage Celebrant at your ceremony.

They will deliver a standard ceremony ensuring all legal requirements are met.

It is suggested that the wedding party and guests observe a standard of dress appropriate to the occasion.

*Simple Ceremonies the better alternative offers outstanding, awarded, real Authorised Marriages Celebrants. Before you book you will be informed of who your Celebrant will be - so you can check them out on Facebook if you wish.

Michael Teulon is the main Celebrant who loves performing Simple Ceremonies and so does most of them.

He is also, not surprisingly, the only Marriage Celebrant in Australia to receive more than 100 5 star Google Reviews.

Michael really enjoys his roll as your Celebrant - ensuring you will love it. No two ceremonies will be the same and you are always free to customise your ceremony and have your Celebrant deliver it with style.

It's your wedding - so you can wear what ever you would like (and so can your guests ;).