Getting married at the Marriage Registry NSW?

Before booking at the Marriage Registry office, think and you could save $262

Do you want to save $$ and have an amazing wedding ceremony that is fun, fabulous and very special - not some government processing?

Check out Simple Ceremonies and find out how we can make your wedding fabulous, without breaking the bank.

Simple Ceremonies has been committed to delivering amazing simple ceremonies since 2010. Check out what our couples say here.

WARNING: If you have already book at the Marriage Registry Office, don't compare our reviews to their reviews. You'll not be happy 🙁

simple steps!

Getting married at the NSW Marriage Registry Office?


Are you planning to getting married at the NSW government Marriage Registry Office? STOP! Save $232. Before your book an interview with the Marriage Registry Office, compare it to Simple Ceremonies premium service (you'll be delighted you did.)

simple steps!

Marriage Registry Office alternative at The Studio, Milsons Point
Marriage Registry Office NSW Alternative. Married at Blues Point Reserve, McMahons Point, NSW.
Beach wedding. Alternative to Marriage Registry Office NSW. Marriage Celebrant - Simple Ceremonies.

But your wedding ceremony is not just amount money - it's so much more.

Simple Ceremonies is Australia's mot 5-star rated celebrant in Australia with over 700 5-star reviews. Take a few seconds to read what others think of us just by clicking here.

Seriously, a registry office wedding when you could have so much more - and easier 😉

Marriage Celebrant at Bradfield Park for an incredible simple ceremony

This is not a NSW Marriage Registry wedding - and they are loving it.

A marriage office weddings with any old government wedding celebrants is not what anyone wants. 
Even if you are looking for a stress free wedding in Sydney, a registry office wedding does not have to be for you.
Simple Ceremonies prides it's self on simple ceremonies that are AMAZING. An incredibly simple process but one that is fun, joys, meaning and very special.

Marriage Registry Office

1. Cost

You could save up to $262 over the NSW Marriage Registry Office. Our SPECIALS in the Studio start at $150 ALL Inclusive. That compared to $412 (weekdays) at the Registry Office.

Bradfield Park Wedding Ceremony and Marriage Celebrant - Simple CeremoniesOr get married in a beautiful park on Sydney Harbour on a Friday evening for just $350 compared to getting married in a government office for $497. Get married at an amazing location and save $147.

Plus the government Marriage Registry Office also charges 0.4% surcharge on credit cards.

2. No interview required

Before you can get married at the government Marriage Registry Office the two of you are required to attend an interview at the Registry office. This generally is when you complete your Notice of Intended Marriage - which means you have to then wait at least a month after the interview to get married.

3. Book online 24/7

You don't have to wait to check availability, as you have to with the Marriage Registry Office. Any time of the day or night you can check availability at all of our amazing locations and then book it in. At the Marriage Registry Office, you have to call Monday to Friday between        8.30am -4pm,  to find out when they have availability and then, you arrange a time to go in for your interview - one month prior.  Click here and find out how easy it is with Simple Ceremonies. 

4. Five-Star Rating

Simple Ceremonies has over 700 "5 Star Google Reviews" from our couples - Australia's highest rated celebrant.

Read our  Google and Facebook reviews here

5.  Complete paperwork 24/7 - Online

Everyone getting married has to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form (NoIM) at least one calendar month prior to their ceremony date, as required by law in New South Wales.

With Simple Ceremonies this is done online to produce a pdf. This then need to be signed and witnessed by an Authorised Person.

At the Marriage Registry Office, you are required to call and make an appointment before you have an interview and then complete your NoIM. They also require both of you to be present. Whereas at Simple Ceremonies, only one of you has to sign the NoIM in order to submit it, which is compliant with the Marriage Act.

6.  Fabulous Authorised Celebrants

Every celebrant who works with Simple Ceremonies has been hand pick because they are FABULOUS. Although we offer a simple service, we pride ourselves on making every ceremony very special for the couple and their guests. We ensure the couple are relaxed (as much they can be 😉 and then try and provide them with a ceremony that matches them - and definitely have a bit of fun too.Simple Ceremonies Celebrant Team

7. Amazing locations or choose your own.

Simple Ceremonies offers a broad selection of locations Monday through to Sunday. Beautiful Harbour Parks, Beach, Boat, Bar - and fun locations such as a London Cab. That is right you can get married IN a London Cab driving over Sydney Harbour Bridge!

  Click here to see our other great locations 

In the Surf at Bondi Beach  - now that has to beat the government Marriage Registry Office!

Or click here to suggest a location, date and time that works for you.

8. Same day registration

Simple Ceremonies registers your marriage online immediately after your ceremony. This means, if you required the Registered Certificate of Marriage (not every one does), you could go straight to Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) and pick it up - or order it online. (Note BDM charge a fee of $60 for the Registered Certificate of Marriage plus an additional $28 for same day pick up.)


9. Add Ons

At Simple Ceremonies we offer a Premium Simple Service but we also understand that couples have different ideas of what "simple" means. So we try and accomodate. For instance;

  • number of guests. Our studio holds 14 people, that is 2 more than the Sydney Marriage Registry Office. All our park locations can have up to 20 people and some (for an additional fee) can have up to 59 people.
  • provide decorations & chairs for some park ceremonies
  • provide witnesses
  • arrange flowers
  • arrange photography
  • arrange receptions
Click here to see all our great Add-Ons