Order (pre-order) your Registered Certificate of Marriage.

We can arrange your certificate to be posted to you by registered mail within 4-6 business days following your marriage ceremony.

This option enables you to pre-order your Certificate prior to your ceremony date - however this option is only available for up to 21 days after your ceremony date.

There is an additional admin fee of $40. However, there are no details forms to fill in and you are not required to provide 3 forms of ID (as you will with BDM NSW).

Just click here to order your Marriage certificate through Simple Ceremonies.


Alternatively, you can make make your application  through BDM NSW following your marriage ceremony. Click here to find out more.


Types of Marriage Certificates 

There are two types of Certificates;

  • Certificate of Marriage (you will receive on the day of your ceremony)
  • Marriage Certificate or registered Marriage Certificate (if you require this certificate, you will need to order it)

See below to understand the differences and how you can get them.

Wedding Ceremony @ Bondi Beach, Bondi. Legals & Ceremony $350

Marriage Registry Office, Bondi Beach, Sydney
Simple ceremony at Blues Point Reserve - Amazing Marriage celebrant

Wedding Ceremony @ Blues Point Reserve, North Sydney. Legals & Ceremony $350

Your Certificate of  Marriage

Immediately following your ceremony you will receive the Australian Commonwealth Government,  Certificate of Marriage. (Please keep this in a secure place as it can not be replaced).

Official Marriage Certificate

On the back of this certificate, it states - "Under section 45 of the Marriage Act 1961 this certificate is conclusive evidence that your marriage has been solemnised in accordance with that section. It is an important document and you should keep it in a safe place with other official documents."

However, some organisations may not accept this certificate as proof of marriage because the certificate may not be able to be used as evidence of identity.

Again on the back of the certificate, it states - "This certificate does not provide conclusive evidence of the identity of either of the parties to your marriage. In some situations, you may be asked to produce a registered copy of your marriage certificate obtained from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State or Territory in which you were married."

Your registered Marriage Certificate

Your Registered Marriage Certificate can only be issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages once your marriage has been registered.

Register Marriage Certificate

We will register your marriage (on-line) the same day as your ceremony so you can order it online the next day - if required. This is quicker than the government registry office can provide.

All options for applying for your Registered Marriage Certificate

Birth, Deaths and Marriages NSW are the official government record keeper and as such the only organisation that can issue your registered Marriage Certificate.

They currently charge $60 to do this (current as of 1st July 2019).

There are three ways of obtaining a registered certificate;

a) Online  Through the BDM NSW website you can apply. Click here to access an Online application.

b) By post, you can do this by completing an application form and posting it directly to BDM NSW.
You can download an application form here.

Here is a link to BDM's NSW site for all details including; current pricing, proof of identification required to get the certificate, delay times, and office locations.


c) We can apply on your behalf and have the Marriage Certificate posted to you by registered mail.  To do this click here and select Option F.  (We charge a fee of $40  to do this). You will not need to provide any documentation.

N.B This is only possible within one month of your ceremony date.