Simple Ceremonies Marriage Celebrants & Weddings: A Unique Experience

Our focus is delivering your simple wedding ceremony with fun, joy, style, and sincerity. Make it incredibly special, memorable for all, and stress-free. You are all covered from a marriage celebrant, chairs and decorations, cars, flowers, photography, and more. From intimate gatherings, a marriage registry office style (but better 😉 up to 100 guests at your favourite venue. We are the pioneers and leaders in simple wedding ceremonies.

Our Philosophy: Incredibly Simple. Simply Incredible.

The Heart Behind Simple Ceremonies

Ange and Michael Teulon, with over a combined experience of 30 years in wedding ceremonies, started Simple Ceremonies in 2010 with a focus on delivering outstanding simple ceremonies. Their belief is every wedding has to be special, regardless of its scale. They have curated ceremonies to be unique, fun, joyous, stylish, sincere, stress-free, and meaningful – ensuring every wedding ceremony is special.

Why Simple Doesn’t Mean Less

Simple Ceremonies is about focusing on what truly matters. By stripping back the unnecessary, Ange and Michael have highlighted the beauty of simplicity in celebrating love. Their approach has revolutionised how weddings are perceived and executed, proving that simplicity can indeed be incredible.

However, it does mean less stress and $$$.

What is a Simple Wedding Ceremony?

Basically, a simple wedding ceremony is one where the celebrant is there for 30 minutes and there won’t be any delay ie it starts on time 😉

Key Elements of Simplicity

A simple ceremony comprises online booking & Notice, streamlining of all legal requirements, a relaxed atmosphere, less than 100 people, an amazing celebrant, and a fixed start and finish time. This formula ensures a seamless, enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

Inclusions and Exclusions in a Simple Ceremony

In a simple ceremony, personal vows, aisle walks, ring exchanges, and photography are cherished elements, while boring ceremonies, delayed starts, and big expenses are left behind. This approach guarantees a memorable, heartfelt celebration without the stress and extravagance often associated with traditional weddings.

Types of wedding ceremonies we can cover as a simple ceremony

  • Marriage Registry office. Whether you were thinking of a “legal Only” or something a little bit more, there is no reason why your wedding ceremony should not also be an extraordinary moment for the two of you.
  • Elopement Wedding. Maybe just the two of you (we can even arrange witnesses for you) or a handful of close family or friends. It can still be a celebration, a time to create special memories for you and your guests.
  • Small wedding ceremony. This doesn’t mean that it can’t encompass some of the elements of a traditional ceremony. Just because you don’t want large numbers of guests shouldn’t mean that your ceremony is any less important or special. Often the intimacy makes the day so much more special.
  • Simple wedding ceremonyup to 100 guests at a venue of your choice. Just because you want to share with lots of family and friends and maybe a traditional wedding venue or maybe your backyard, doesn’t mean it can’t also be a simple ceremony, because it can.

How much does a simple ceremony cost?

Like any wedding, costs can vary significantly. But to give you an idea.

  • $150 for a Special “Early Bird Ceremonies” (very limited times & availability).
  • $300 for a Studio ceremony, $350 – $675+.
  • $350 – $675 for a simple ceremony depending on location and guest numbers.

Our focus on technology streamlines the marriage process, from online bookings to preparing the Notice of Intended Marriage form (NoIM) online. Our dedicated back office ensures accuracy, reducing stress on your special day.

Ensuring Everything is in Order

By handling all documentation meticulously, we guarantee a smooth, worry-free ceremony where you can focus on the moment, assured that all legalities are perfectly managed.

We Hand Pick Our 5-Star Simple Ceremonies Marriage Celebrants

The Importance of the Right Celebrant

Our 5-star marriage celebrants are the secret to our fabulous simple ceremonies. Handpicked for their ability to deliver meaningful, joyous ceremonies, they exemplify the heart of Simple Ceremonies.

Celebrant Reviews: Hear from Our Happy Couples

The glowing reviews from couples who’ve experienced our simple ceremonies highlight the exceptional service and unforgettable experiences provided by our celebrants. Their passion and professionalism shine through every ceremony. Check them out here.

We Can Help You with All the Other Bits Too. Wedding Planning and wedding supplies

Beyond the words Ceremony

We are your wedding planner. Need a wedding location, a venue for your reception, or a photographer? We are also a wedding supplier. Need chairs, decorations, or even a letter for your visa applications. We’re here to help you arrange every detail, ensuring your day is OUTSTANDING and stress-free.

Making Your Day Unforgettable

From logistics to aesthetics, our team is dedicated to making every aspect of your wedding day perfect. A simple wedding ceremony isn’t just about the ceremony itself; it’s about creating a day filled with love, joy, and simplicity.


Simple Ceremonies offers an innovative approach to weddings, focusing on the essence of celebrating love with simplicity and elegance. With our guidance, your wedding will not only be a reflection of your love but a memorable, stress-free celebration. Let’s make your day truly special.