Can you still get marred during Corona Virus?

Absolutely! Australia is one of the only countries left where you can still get married during this time of COVID-19.

Marriage Celebrant, Michael Teulon, on Sydney Harbour

Uputaua and Chris, chose to get married during COVID-19. Beautiful ceremony on Sydney Harbour.

Sharing your intimate ceremony with those important people in your life can make it very special indeed.

How to get married during COVID-19.

The process to get married during Corona Virus is still very simple. Just 3 steps. Click here to see them.

Juan and Monica didn't find it as hard as they thought.

Marriage Celebrant, Michael Teulon, on Sydney Harbour

Juan Carlos and Monica Elizabeth got married during COVID-19 - whilst still having fun!!!

What are the rules to getting married during Corona Virus?

The rules are pretty much the same.

Everyone getting married has to still needs to:

  • give one calendar months notice to get married. This is done by completing a Notice of Intended Marriage form.
  • provide ID, either; a passport or an original birth certificate & drivers license.
  • you need two witnesses at your ceremony - who are over 18 years old.

The only difference in getting married during COVID-19 is that you can not have more than two witnesses/ guess at your ceremony. That is, 5 people in total; the two of you, your two witnesses and the marriage celebrant.

Marriage Registry Office Sydney Harbour

Ana Maria and Conor James married on Sydney Harbour with their two witnesses on an amazing day in Sydney