Thank you for filling in your details so we can create your Notice of Intended Marriage form.

You should receive your Notice, by email, within 2 minutes.

CRITICALLY, once you receive the automated email containing your completed form, you need to;

a)  review the content of the form to ensure it is correct and is refective of you ID documentation

b) print off the form

c) Take the form to an  Authorised Persons (These included – Australia; a JP, Police Officer, medical Practitioner, Legal Practitioner,  a Marriage Celebrant. See form for full list and outside of Australia options.

d) Have your signature witnessed by the Authorised Person

c) Email the form back to at least once calendar month prior to your ceremony date. Include in your email documents you will be providing on the day of your ceremony ie Passport OR Birth Certificate AND Drivers License, Divorce/ Death Certificates (if applicable), NAATI accredited translations (if applicable)

d) Await confirmation from Simple Ceremonies that your Notice has been lodged. if confirmation has not been received from Simple Ceremonies within 24 hours please contact to follow up.


Remember. It is your responsibility to ensure your Notice of Intended Marriage has been received and lodged at least one calendar month prior to your ceremony date.