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“Under the trees”,(next to tennis court), Balcombe Heights Estate, 92 Seven Hills Road , Baulkham Hills.

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hy Balcombe Heights Estate?

Balcombe Heights Estate offers a wonderful Australian backdrop to any intimate wedding.  

Hundreds of photo spots with a stunning avenue of Brush Box Trees and Gum Trees as your backdrop. The Estates also provides shaded and private areas.

You can have up to 20 people (the 2 of you and 18 guests) at your ceremony.

For an additional fee of $75 this number can be increased to 59 in total. Additional fees are paid after you have made your booking at - Click here

Rain. Now it doesn't happen often, but when it does you will need to shelter under trees or bring umbrellas - how romantic.


etting there

Balcombe Heights Estate is conveniently located off Seven Hills Road (near the M2/M7).

Upon entering the Balcombe Heights Estate, drive approx. 300 meters, turn right, through the car park and then left onto Memorial Avenue of Trees, drive a further 500 meters and the Tennis Courts will be on your right.

Parking is plentiful on your left just past the Tennis Courts.

* Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your ceremony to ensure you are in the right location.


acilities Offered

Balcombe Heights Estate  is part of Hills Shire Council. Generously, Hills Shire permits small marriage ceremonies to take place in their park without the requirement to reserve or pay for the use of the park.

We will provide a small table for you to stand at and sign your Certificate of Marriage, after your ceremony.

Keeping in mind, the actual ceremony will only last about 15 minutes so we don't provide chairs. You are free to set up your own chairs & decorations, if you like.

NB. Paper or plastic confetti is not permitted.

Our Parramatta Office is currently not available, however check out our beautiful Baulkham Hills (10 minutes away) location Or one of our other options.


ligh Room - Parramatta

Bligh Room, 7B Macquarie Street, Parramatta, NSW 2150

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hy get have your marriage ceremony in the Bligh Room?

The Bligh Room is a simple space for those wanting a meaningful marriage ceremony without the stress. 

It is located only 1 minute from Parramatta Park (and the Rose Garden) which is a fabulous option for photos before or afterwards.

You can have up to 12 people (the 2 of you and 10 guests) at your ceremony.


etting there

The Bligh Room is conveniently located in the heart of Parramatta. 

Free parking is available next door in the parking station.

* Please arrive at the time of your booking, as there is no waiting room.


acilities Offered

We will provide a table and two chairs for you to sign your Marriage Certificate, after your ceremony. 

You are free to arrange a professional photographer. Or you may like to use the services of TL Studio.

NB. Paper or plastic confetti is not permitted. Alcohol is not permitted.