Earn a referral fee just by recommending the best marriage celebrant service in Australia.

Simple Ceremonies has been designed to simplify the process of getting legally married and reduce the cost. We do this while still ensuring a meaningful ceremony,  reflective of the couple’s love and commitment to one another.

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This service will be very helpful to your clients  ... and we also pay you a Referral Fee of 10%!

Simple Ceremonies is a superior alternative to the government-run Registry Office provided by Births, Deaths and Marriages and all independent celebrants, because it reduces the efforts and cost of getting legally married, but still provides an outstanding service - worthy of marriage.

It does this  by offering;

  • an online booking system, which will show all available dates and times - while being able to confirm your booking immediately (24/7)
  • the Notice of Intended Marriage form online. The Notice can be signed online or printed and emailed back.
  • NO interview is required prior to the ceremony
  • convenient and beautiful ceremony locations, either in the office or in selected park locations  (including Sydney Harbour)
  • online registration of the marriage (same day) to avoid any delays in receiving documentation
  • detailed information on the website (using multi language text, graphics and video). A very simple process - just 3 Simple Steps.
  • savings of up to $218 (or more when compared to other celebrants and the Registry Office)

It's so easy to register and start referring - it only takes 30 seconds on-line and it costs absolutely nothing.

Simple Ceremonies will make you look like the expert, you are, for referring such an amazing service.

How does the Referral program work?

  1. You just need to register below - this costs nothing
  2. Then, when one of your clients requires our service you simply provide them with our website and your referral code
  3. When they book their ceremony on-line, they will be prompted to pop in your Referral Code
  4. Then at the end of the month, we will reconcile your referrals, send you a statement and then transfer your referral fee to your nominated bank account.

Each referral will earn you 10% of the base ceremony fee - so you will receive a referral fee of between $15 and $35 for each referral.

The best thing about it is, you don't have to do anything - just recommend an incredible service that will benefit you and your clients!

Sound good? If you'd like to register just provide your details below.