The Marriage Regulations 1963 (Cth) Schedule 1B set out 5 reasons an application for shortening time may be considered by a prescribed authority.

They are:

    • employment related or other travel commitments
    • wedding or celebration arrangements, or religious considerations
    • medical reasons
    • legal proceedings, or
    • an error in giving notice.
    If you believe that one of the above applies to your situation please follow the steps below;

1. Contact your local court or Births, Deaths and Marriage and explain that you require a meeting with a Prescribed Authority to arrange a Shortening of Time for your marriage Notice. Explain to them why you think you should get a shortening of time and ask what you will need to provide. They should be able to give you an indication at this point if your application for a shortening will be considered.

If they believe it is a possibility, make an appointment to see the Prescribed Authority.

2. Immediately, once you have made an appointment to see a Prescribed Authority, contact Simple Ceremonies (via phone 0412477141) to find an available date that would work for your ceremony (less than one month from today). You will then be directed on how you can book a ceremony less than one calendar month from today.

3. Once you have made your booking with Simple Ceremonies you will be directed through to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form on-line, have it signed and witnessed  and email it back to Simple Ceremonies.

We will then email you back a letter confirming the lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage and also confirming we are available to perform your ceremony on the booked date. You will need to take this letter to the meeting you have arranged with the Prescribed Authority.

4. Both you and your partner will need to attend the meeting with the Prescribed Authority. They will advise you of what documents you will need to take with you, but these will include;

  • the Notice of Intended Marriage.
  • a letter from your celebrant (Simple Ceremonies) confirming your Notice has been received and they are available to marry you on the proposed date.

5. Once you are successful with the Prescribed Authority and they provide a Shortening of Time (they will note this on your Notice of Intended Marriage form, sign and stamp it), please notify Simple Ceremonies so we can confirm your booking.

If you are not successful in getting a shortening of time, please contact Simple Ceremonies to arrange an alternative date, at least one calendar month from the date we received your Notice of Intended Marriage.