The Marriage Regulations 2017 (Cth) Schedule 3 - Circumstances for authorising marriage despite late notice. The 5 prescribed categories are sets out below.

They are;

    • 1  Employment‑related or other travel commitments
    • 2  Wedding or celebration arrangements
    • 3  Medical reasons
    • 4  Legal proceedings
    • 5  Error in giving notice

Please click and read Schedule 3 to see full details and documentation required

Please note;

  • the reason for seeking a shortening of time must fall within one of the prescribed categories before the application can be considered
  • a prescribed authority has no discretion to grant a shortening of time outside the circumstances covered by these categories
  • the granting of a shortening of time is not automatic, and
  • a prescribed authority may charge an application fee celebrants should suggest that the couple check if a fee is charged when making an appointment with a prescribed authority

The Process


1. Contact your Local Court or Births, Deaths and Marriage and explain that you require a meeting with a Prescribed Authority to arrange a Shortening of Time for your marriage Notice. Explain to them why you think you should get a shortening of time and ask what you will need to provide. They should be able to give you an indication at this point if your application for a shortening will be considered - and if so what documents you will need to bring to th emeeting with the Prescribed Autority.

If you then wish to proceed

2. Book a NoIM/Lodgement Voucher here https://simpleceremonies.com.au/lodgement/ for $110.

3. Immediately complete your Notice of Intended Marriage form online with Simple Ceremonies - you will be directed how to do this once you have purchased a Voucher.

4. Sign and have your signature witnessed by a Prescribed Authority and upload it back to Simple Ceremonies, along with your IDs.

5. Generally, within a few hours, you will recieve an email containing a letter confirming your NoIM has been lodged (you will also receive a copy of the NoIM you uploaded that has now been signed and dated by the celebrant. This is some of the documentation that you will be required to take to your meeting with the Prescribed Authority.

6. Make an appointment with the Prescribed Authority - ensuring you have all the documents they require for you to bring to the meeting. To see documentation required please see Schedule 3 of the Marriage Regulations 2017

If you application is granted

7. As soon as your application is granted contact Simple Ceremonies to confirm the specific location, date and time you can get married and emial them a copy of the NoIM/ Letter you received from the Prescribed Authority granting the shortening.

8. Once you have confirmed the specific location, date and time with simple ceremonies make your booking here - https://simpleceremonies.com.au/change/ and select Option D.