What do you wear to a wedding in Sydney?

Gone are the days of a standard wedding attire. With changes to the way couples get married ( In 1974 80% of couples got married in a religious venue, such as a church - today, 80% get married outside of a religious venue) there are changes to the expectations of what couples and their guests wear to a wedding.

The problem with this is there is no longer a 'wedding uniform" as such. Each wedding is different and now more reflective of the couple getting married and the venue where they are getting married.

Some choose the very simple, reflective of their lifestyle. While others choose nothing at all ...

Some dress to suit their locations

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Some couples dress to reflect their own traditions.

or maybe their personality!

Something a little traditional

or maybe contemporary 

I guess at the end of the day what you wear to your own wedding is completely up to you - it should be a reflection of the two. 

As a guest, I guess the best advice on what to wear to a wedding is to check with the couple getting married.




What to wear to a wedding