What makes a simple wedding ceremony?

To start, a simple marriage ceremony is one that is fun, joyous, stress free but importantly sincere and meaningful.

Now, next, a simple ceremony is not for everyone … or is it 😉


Simple ceremony at Blues Point Reserve - Amazing Marriage celebrant


Fun and stress free

Elements that make up a simple ceremonies

    • online booking & Notice

    • streamlining of all legal requirements

    • relaxed atmosphere

    • Less than 100 people

    • amazing celebrant

    • fixed start and finish time (total booking time is 30 minutes. Plenty of time to finalise papers, have your ceremony and sign your marriage certificates)

What can be included in a simple ceremony

    • Personal vowes

    • Walk down the isle

    • Seperate arrivals

    • Ring exchanges

    • Giving Away

    • Readings

    • Blessing and prays

    • Photography & video

    • Chairs and decorations

What is not included in a simple ceremony

    • boring ceremonies

    • delayed starts

    • pre meetings

    • bored guests

    • drab locations

    • arguments with bridesmaids

    • big expenses

    • rehearsal

    • boring chats with Uncle Arthur (don’t invite him)

Seriously, the main difference between a big fat wedding and a simple ceremony is: we have to start on time and finish within 30 minutes – it’s not that hard 😉

In summary – Its a CELEBRATION!

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