YCBM – Initial Email

{CREATED} Hi {bridesfirstname} and {groomsfirstname}, Your ceremony booking is for: {START} at {TYPE-NAME} ({DURATION}) {TYPE-DESCRIPTION} Your reference is : {REF} Please read the VERY IMPORTANT information below. To confirm your booking and to ensure your ceremony can go ahead at the above time and date, it is necessary to ensure you lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage form at least 1 calendar month prior to your ceremony date. Example. If you are getting married on the 10th May 2023 you need to complete and email it back to Simple Ceremonies no later than the 10th April 2023. If you do not do this, we will not be able to marry you on the above date. If you then wish to proceed with another date you will need to rebook and repay for your ceremony. So, please carefully follow the directions below to ensure all goes smoothly for your ceremony. ALSO follow us on socials to get all the latest and SPECIAL OFFERS.                          AND check out our great PARTNER OFFERS at the bottom of this page. But before you do anything else 😉 read “What to do now.” below and ensure …

Prospective Marriage Visa Approved

Applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa can be a difficult time. Getting all your documents in line, arranging prospective flights and trying to arrange a prospect marriage – all at the same time. We understand it can be very difficult , which is why we try and make it as simple as possible for you. We recently received a request from a couple wishing to plan their proposed wedding ceremony so they could then apply for their Prospective Marriage  Visa (Subclass 300). This is something we deal with all the time. To make it easy for couples going through this process, Simple Ceremonies has created what we call a Lodgement Voucher – this provides you with ALL your marriage requirements for your visa application. This includes the lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage and also a personalised letter to submit with your application. We love hearing from our couples how easy it had been and importantly how quickly it was processed. We received this email from Milan on the 5th August 2021 after first receiving their application on the 27th June 2021 (39 days). “Hi Ange, Just to let you know that Rimson’s Prospective marriage visa has been granted. …

What makes an amazing Marriage Celebrant?

Easy answer … someone who loves what they do! Sure. But I think we all understand it takes a bit more than that. .Stuff like: experience, confidence and critically, fun. But also the boring stuff too, like: ease to book you wedding ceremony, documentation streamed lined like the Notice of Intended Marriage and regular communication to give you confidence.

Quiet, beautiful place to get married in Sydney

A beautiful quiet bush setting to get married is only 15 minutes from Sydney. Looking for a quiet, serene backdrop for your wedding, that feels a million miles away from anywhere?We have you covered at Simple Ceremonies with our Davidson Park, Forestville.

Sydney wedding reception

Looking for a venue to celebrate your marriage? Christabelle and Ben partied with 60 of their friends! =================================================== ..We’ve partnered with Green Moustache – a cool rooftop bar based in the heart of North Sydney. It’s an oasis that is the perfect location to chill out with some friends and enjoy the amazing food and drinks list.

The easiest way to get married

Find a marriage celebrant who can take care of every thing. As we all understand, the easiest way to do something is to find someone else who has done it before (or many times before) – because they have already learned the easiest (and best) way to do it. This applies to weddings too. Find a marriage celebrant with lots of experience (and 5 star reviews). Then your marriage celebrant will be able to guide you through the rest, including ; the legal elements of getting married and the important parts, your special ceremony and the celebration! Your marriage celebrant should also be able to help you with; locations to get married, wedding photographers, wedding flowers, seating & decorations for your wedding ceremony wedding reception venues wedding rings wedding cars Intimate wedding or something larger Whether it is just an intimate wedding, like Oli & Becky (and their 2 witnesses) or Or you are getting the whole gang together for your special wedding day! Your marriage celebrant should be your first port of call to make for a stress free wedding!    

Social Distancing?

Planning for Social Distancing Social distancing has become an issue when getting married. Thanks Corona. But this hasn’t stopped couples bouncing around ideas. Couples finding fun ways to ensure social distancing at their wedding ceremonies It’s your wedding you can still have fun.

Who should you invite to your wedding ceremony?

Many couples say the hardest thing about organising their wedding is putting together the guest list. Sometimes it is hard to keep the over-all numbers down. Of maybe there are just some people you would prefer not to be there (like Aunty Ethel for example – see above). Then there are the people you want to invite but you don’t want then to feel obligate ( and have to incur expenses). COVID 19 has simplified the wedding invitation list. It has done this in 3 main ways; Travel restriction have made it impossible for some people to come to your ceremony due to border restriction – both international and even, still, interstate (their always fear the boards will suddenly shut again). Exceptions of smaller wedding sizes. During the high of restrictions in NSW you could only have two guests at your wedding. This gradually eased (to 5, 10, 20 and now unlimited) but what this did was to “introduce” people to smaller wedding – and how special they could be ( and less hassle). Zoom. As with many aspects of life Zoom has changed everything. Couples getting married, quickly realised that Zooming their ceremony was the next best option to …