Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony can be simple but still include the traditions and moments that make it the special day it should be. With many years experience delivering simple ceremonies , we pride ourselves on ensuring your wedding ceremony will have the warmth and personal feel that you would want and expect, at this important moment in your lives.

It is our role not only to ensure all runs smoothly but also importantly that you are both relaxed and can really enjoy this very special moment together and with with your friends.

A. What happens on your wedding day?


1. On the day of your wedding - the first thing you have to do is SMILE 😉

You are going to have a fabulous day!

By now everything should be in place to ensure your marriage ceremony will run smoothly.

But for your comfort, you may want to have a quick look at this Checklist.

2. What to bring with you on your wedding day:

  • The Notice of Intended Marriage (NoIM) form you signed & had witnessed by an Authorised Person
  • ID's used at lodgement of the NoIM (Passport OR birth certificate and drivers licence.)
  • Certificates relating to previous marriage/s,  if applicable. eg. divorce/ death certificate. ALSO, if these documents are not in English you will need to also bring NAATI authorised translations.

3. Who to bring with you on your wedding day:

  • Each other 😉
  • 2 witnesses - they can be anyone as long as they are over 18 years old (and speak English)
  • They do not require any ID

In addition, if either of you do not speak or understand English you will need to bring an interpreter - this can be anyone as long as they are over 18 and are fluent in your language and English (and they are not either of the couple getting married). They are required to complete a Certificate of Faithful Performance - this must be completed prior to the ceremony.

B. On arrival at your wedding ceremony

1. Plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking time

This is a great way to avoid stress - not running late 😉

Don't forget to take into account; traffic, parking and maybe even getting (a little) lost.

If you ceremony is in The Studio, as there is no waiting room, please wait outside until your scheduled time.

It is also wise to ensure your guests have directions (share the Google Pin with them) and suggest they arrive a little early too.

2. Greetings & Paperwork

We will be ready for you at your scheduled time - with a big smile and a warm "Hello" 😉

If you are planning on arriving separately, not a problem, we will meet you one at a time. 

At this stage we will:

  • Take your original NoIM and sight your other documents  (if we haven't already).
  • Sight your ID's (Passport Or Birth Certificate and Drivers Licence.
  • Sight Certificate relating to previous marriages (if applicable eg. Divorce/ Death Certificates

We'll have prepared all documents, you will need to sign for you. 

Before the ceremony you will sign the  Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage form and afterward your Certificate of Marriage.

3. Run through how your wedding ceremony will flow

We'll suggest how the ceremony will flow, including; 

  • if outside, the specific location where you would like to stand
  • how you would like to start the wedding ceremony. eg walking down the isle (and with who eg Mum and Dad or each other)
  • if you have a customised ceremony*
  • who has the rings (if applicable) etc 
  • if you have music, who will be playing it
  • answer any questions you may have.

*Below to see a Sample Ceremony. This will give you an idea of the sort of ceremony that will be delivered and the legal things that we and YOU must say.

You're able to personalise your ceremony, if you would like to. No need to email it to us - just give us a copy on the day of your ceremony.

Click to see Sample CeremonyYou will also see a button if you would like to personalise

C. Your Ceremony


1. Starting your ceremony

We will gather your guests and manoeuvre them into position, along with the two of you.

You may want to walk down the aisle together or even arrive separately and walk the "isle" with a parent, family member or friend. 

Arriving Separately. If this is the case - not a problem. If one of you is at the designated location at the scheduled time (with all the documents and ID) we can start the paperwork (with only one of you). Then we can go to where the other party is (such as waiting in the car or around the corner) and finalise the paperwork, before returning to the location ready to start the ceremony - ready for the "grand entrance". This then means  you won't spoil the surprise of seeing each other for the "first time".

2. Your ceremony

We will commence your ceremony and ensure we deliver a ceremony that is reflective of the very special moment your wedding is. 

We will deliver a warm, fun and meaningful ceremony reflective of importance of your special day.  One that you and your guest will be able to cherish.

We can include: personal vows, reading or your story (just provide this on the day of your ceremony.


3. Signing your Certificate of Marriage

Following your ceremony, we will arrange for you and your two witnesses (they can be anyone as long as they are over 18 years old and speak English, they do not require any ID) to sign your certificates.

We'll provide a small table/ stand for you to sign on.

We will then present you with your Certificate of Marriage.

At this stage we are always happy to take a group photo for you.

And then it 's time to CELEBRATE.

D. After your Ceremony

1. Registering your Marriage

While you are celebrating, we will register your marriage - the same day - online with Births, Deaths and Marriages NSW - the official government record keeper of marriages.

2. Getting your registered Marriage Certificate

Your registered Marriage Certificate can be ordered on-line or picked up from BDM NSW - on the same day OR the next business day.

Getting your registered Marriage CertificateClick here for all the detail
3. Live happily ever after.

We will be in touch the next day to confirm that your marriage has been registered.

We also love any feedback you can provide, great or otherwise.