Get married in a helicopter: Sky-High I Do’s


World First – getting married in a helicopter over Sydney – be the very first!

Get married in a helicopter

Ready to kick the ordinary to the curb and elevate your wedding to new heights? Picture this: you and your love, exchanging vows while majestically sweeping over Sydney’s jaw-dropping sights – including the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, the stunning Opera House, and those oh-so-gorgeous beaches – all from the exhilarating comfort of a helicopter. Now, imagine saying “I do” in the sky, turning your big day into an unforgettable adventure. Moreover, a helicopter wedding cranks up the romance dial to the maximum, offering a cozy, heart-thumping backdrop that’s simply unforgettable.

Furthermore, think about the Insta-worthy aerial wedding shots that’ll have everyone in awe, endlessly double-tapping. This is the ultimate Intimate Affair: Celebrating Love in the Clouds – just you, your sweetheart, and your two best pals, literally floating on cloud nine. Additionally, embrace the excitement, the love, and the joy of a helicopter wedding – a ceremony that promises extraordinary memories filled with love and thrilling moments.

And for the ultimate plot twist? Initially, trick your fiance into thinking it’s going to be a simple park wedding or a quick trip to the Registry Office. Then, bam – roll up to the airport and watch their jaw drop in amazement. Ready, set, fly into forever with a start that’s as thrilling as your love story!

Simple Ceremonies - Get married in a helicopter over Sydney. Marriage Celebrant.

1. Soaring Vows: Get married in a helicopter

The Thrill of Altitude

Elevate your wedding day by saying “I do” thousands of feet above Sydney. Experience the unique thrill of exchanging vows in the sky, making your ceremony truly one-of-a-kind.

A View Like No Other

With Sydney’s skyline as your backdrop, your wedding photos will capture the essence of your adventurous spirit. The dynamic vistas offer an ever-changing scenery that’s perfect for those once-in-a-lifetime shots.

2. Picture-Perfect Moments: Aerial Wedding Photography

Sky-High Snaps

Your helicopter wedding isn’t just an event; it’s a photo op with the city, Opera House, and beaches as your canvas. Getting married in a helicopter also means capturing your love amidst the clouds for memories that are as vast as the sky.

Iconic Shots

Post-ceremony, stand in front of your helicopter and get your “cheesy” wedding photo with your marriage certificate “Helicopter above Sydney”. This is what the official records with have – forever.

These are the moments that define a helicopter wedding—unique, adventurous, and utterly romantic.

3. Convenience Meets Luxury: Blue Sky Helicopter

Easy Access

Located at Sydney Airport, Blue Sky Helicopter offers easy access with ample parking and quick taxi services. Your sky-high wedding begins just minutes from the city’s heart.

Premium Experience

Choosing Blue Sky means opting for luxury and convenience. Their top-tier service ensures your helicopter wedding is smooth, memorable, and breathtaking.

Simple Ceremonies - Get married in a helicopter over Sydney. Marriage Celebrant.

4. An Intimate Affair: Celebrating Love in the Clouds

Close-Knit Celebrations

A helicopter wedding means an intimate gathering. It’s just you, your partner and your witnesses (… and a celebrant – oh yeah and an experienced helicopter pilot).

Memories to Cherish

This intimate setting creates a special bond and unforgettable memories. It’s not just a ceremony; it’s an adventure shared with your nearest and dearest, marking the beginning of your life together.

5. Simplifying the Process: Partnering with Simple Ceremonies

Stress-Free Planning

To ensure your helicopter wedding is both magical and legally recognized, Simple Ceremonies offers an easy way to arrange an amazing celebrant.

Clicks Away

With just a few clicks at, you can book your marriage celebrant, simplifying the process and focusing on the joy of your special day.

Total fee including helicopter and celebrant would be $1500 (this include seats on the helicopter for your 2 witnesses too 😉


So are you ready to buckle up for a whirlwind of romance and adventure? Imagine tying the knot in a helicopter, soaring above the breathtaking landscapes of Sydney, where every moment turns into an epic adventure. It’s not just about saying “I do”; it’s about shouting your love from the skies, making a bold statement of your unbreakable bond. This extraordinary ceremony promises to etch itself in your hearts, becoming a treasure you’ll hold dear for all your days.

Are you ready to spread your wings and celebrate your love amidst the clouds? Embark on this exhilarating journey with Simple Ceremonies! With just a click, dive into their effortless planning process, ensuring a smooth ride to your dream helicopter wedding. Let your love story reach dazzling new heights, making it incredibly simple and simply incredible. And guess what? You’re pioneering a world-first way to wed!

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