Simplest wedding ceremony: Early Bird Special $150

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Looking for the simplest wedding ceremony in Australia? Check out our Early Bird Special – but it’s not for everyone 😉 If are you looking to get legally married with just two guests and can wait a few months you are in luck. You are going to save quite a few dollars. The total fee is just $150 – The easiest and best value way to get married in Australia.

However, no problem if you want 12 guests and want to do it now (by law you have to give at least one calendar month’s notice) we can also help out with a great value ceremony for just $300 ($200 cheaper than the government Marriage Registry Office) – click here.

1. Best value wedding in Australia – $150

Secure the Best Marriage Deal – Fun, Special, and Incredibly Priced!

Forget the notion of a “legals only” ceremony at this price. At Simple Ceremonies, we go beyond that, ensuring every ceremony is memorable. With a total booking time of 15 minutes, we guarantee you’ll leave smiling, feeling the moment’s magic, not just the legality.

2. Unmatched Location and Ease of Access

Right at the Heart of Convenience

Located at Milsons Point, The Studio offers unbeatable convenience with ample parking and easy access to public transport—just a 2-minute walk from train, ferry, and bus stations.

Stress-Free Celebrations Guaranteed

Wave goodbye to logistical headaches. Our prime location means you and your guests can easily arrive and dive into the celebration without worry.

3. Perfect for Overseas Wedding Plans or when a friend is performing your ceremony.

Marry Overseas With Ease

Planning to tie the knot abroad? Choose us for a hassle-free legal marriage before or after your overseas celebration. So much easier now and in the further because all your marriage docs will be Australian.

Legal Marriage Made Special with a Friend

Want a friend or family member to officiate your ceremony without the legal qualifications? We’ve got you covered, ensuring your ceremony is legally sound yet focused on the main event that truly counts.

Marriage Registry Office alternative at The Studio, Milson Point

4. A Photographer’s Dream Location

Iconic Sydney Harbour as Your Backdrop

Don’t let the 15-minute booking fool you; The Studio’s proximity to Sydney Harbour and Bradfield Park offers endless stunning photo ops. From the glittering waters to the iconic skyline, every photo captures the essence of your special day.

Marriage registry alternative Key Studio, Milsons Point - photo opportunities

Above. The couple married at The Studio and then strolled, just a few minutes with their guest, to Bradfield Park and Syndey Harbour.

5. Warm, Sincere, and Fun Celebrants

Meet Australia’s Highest Google-Rated Celebrants

Embrace a warm welcome from our fun, sincere celebrants celebrated as some of the best in Australia on Google. They’re dedicated to making your ceremony unforgettable, filled with love, laughter, and personalized touches.

A Ceremony Filled with Love and Laughter

Our celebrants are committed to creating a ceremony that reflects you – no matter if it all takes place within 15 minutes. Expect a ceremony filled with heartfelt moments, genuine warmth, and maybe even a touch of humour to ease any nerves. Check out what others have said in their Google Reviews.

The Studio Marriage Registry Office, Milsons Point. Marriage Celebrant
Marriage Registry Office

Conclusion: The simplest wedding ceremony in Australia and still unforgettable

Don’t settle for just any legal proceeding. At The Studio, we promise a wedding that’s not just simple but memorable and heartfelt. Reach out and let us turn your wedding into an unforgettable celebration. Here, every moment becomes a cherished memory.

An Early Bird Special at The Studio at Milsons Point isn’t just a legal process it is much, much more.

Contact us at The Studio, Milsons Point, and let us help you make your wedding dream a reality. Here, your special day is not just an event; it’s a cherished memory in the making.

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