Fight MND and Tying the Knot Or Renew your vows – with a Splash for a great cause.


Simple Ceremonies’ Unique Fundraiser for Fight MND

In the spirit of love and charity, Simple Ceremonies is offering a unique opportunity for couples to celebrate their union while supporting a noble cause.

On 2nd June 2024, at the picturesque Blues Point Reserve, lovebirds can say “I do” for a mere $150, a significant saving from the usual cost of a wedding ceremony.

But there’s a chilly twist – each couple must take the plunge into an ice bath to exchange their vows.This isn’t just any cold dip, though. It’s part of the 10th annual Big Freeze event, a fundraiser aimed at combating Motor Neurone Disease (MND), a debilitating condition that affects the nerves controlling voluntary muscle movement.

The entire fee for the ceremony ($150) will be donated to Fight MND, a charity dedicated to finding a cure for this devastating illness.

The initiative is close to the heart of Simple Ceremonies’ owner, Ange Teulon, whose sister Jane tragically passed away from MND in 2018. By participating in this event, couples are not only embarking on a new chapter together but also supporting the ongoing fight against MND.

The Big Freeze event has become a significant fixture in the charity calendar, and this year’s wedding-themed addition promises to add an extra layer of meaning to the day. Couples will have the chance to start their married life with an act of generosity, knowing that their special moment is contributing to a greater good.

For those brave enough to endure the icy challenge, the reward is twofold: a cost-effective wedding ceremony in one of Sydney’s most stunning locations and the chance to be part of a larger effort to fund research and support for those affected by MND. It’s a beautiful way to begin a lifetime of partnership, grounded in love, empathy, and community spirit.

So, if you’re ready to take the leap into matrimony and cold water for a cause, reach out to just click here to see availability and make you booking.

Not only will you be getting married, but you’ll also be making a difference in the lives of those battling MND.

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