Why choose Simple Ceremonies to marry you?

Why choose Simple Ceremonies to marry you?

"SC has been designed for couples wanting to get married BUT without the fuss, stress and expense of a big marriage ceremony. 

Having been an authorised marriage celebrant for almost 15 years and marrying 100s of couples I have an insight into what is ... and what isn't important - for a beautiful meaningful marriage ceremony. 

I combined this personal insight with a simplified process and created Simple Ceremonies, over 10 years ago.

I hope we can be of help.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions - 0412477141"


Michael Teulon - Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Designer - Simple Ceremonies Australia

See how Simple Ceremonies compareswith the government Marriage Registry Office

Simple Ceremonies is not for everyone

You may be looking for something a little more involved than that offered by Simple Ceremonies, such as

  • lots of guests
  • a location other than those listed on our site
  • Extended ceremony - more than 30 minutes.

Then Simple Ceremonies is not for you.

But we may still be able to help - with our full service, bespoke service. Check out