Why use Simple Ceremonies?

  • significantly cheaper - save up to $207 or more with regular SPECIALS.
  • faster to book & then lodge Notice - as a result - fast to get married.
  • offers amazing Marriage Locations
  • requires no interviews
  • simpler - booking & "paperwork" online (only one of you needs to sign NoIM at this stage)
  • premium personal service - Australia's only marriage celebrant to have over one hundred 5 Star Google reviews.

Michael Teulon - Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Designer - Simple Ceremonies Australia

"SC has been designed for couples wanting to get married BUT with out the fuss, stress and expense of a big marriage ceremony. 

Having been an authorised marriage celebrant for almost 15 years and marrying 100s of couples I have an insight into what is ... and what isn't important - for a beautiful meaningful marriage ceremony. 

I have combined this personal insight with a simplified process and created Simple Ceremonies.

I hope we can be of help."



Better Service

SC prides it's self on providing a premium service. From planning and booking your ceremony, ensuring all legal requirements are met and most importantly, delivering your amazing marriage ceremony.

As a result Michael is the only marriage celebrant in Australia with over one hundred 5 Star Google Reviews.

And, we are always developing our offering.

  • sourcing and securing new locations; bars, boats, parks, beaches.
  • engaging new and amazing celebrants.
  • offering commitment ceremonies & baby naming ceremonies.
  • Lodgement Voucher
  • Connect couples with photographers and other service.

Simpler Process

SC was the first, in Australia, to offer this style of getting married - an alternative to the Marriage Registry office, BUT ... much more.

Over the past 10 years we have refined the process - meeting all (changing) legislative requirements while keeping it simple for our couples.

How have we done this?

  • Custom Software. Couples can now complete the latest NoIM (including signing & witnessing) online, from anywhere in the world.
  • Automatic integration with Government record keepers to ensure accuracy.
  • Customised booking system online and "live" 24/7 - with instant confirmation
  • No Interview required
  • Online signing

Better Pricing

SC has the lowest price offering of ANY marriage provider in Australia. 

We have achieve this by simplifying/ automating the process - not reducing the quality of service.

Example of Savings

Save $207 on a Friday afternoon when compared with the government Marriage Registry Office.

SC is not for everyone

You may be looking for something a little more involved than that offered by Simple Ceremonies, such as

  • lots of guests
  • a location other than those listed on our site
  • Extended ceremony - more than 30 minutes.

Then Simple Ceremonies is not for you.

But we may still be able to help - with our full service, bespoke service. Check out